Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Crisis or Chrysalis?

When Jesus went to the Cross, it was a time of tremendous emotional upheaval for his Mom, His Disciples and even his distant followers. It was also a time of upheaval for Heaven and Hell and Earth itself as evidenced by the natural happenings of eclipse, unusual darkness, earthquake and ripping of the temple Veil.

Some of you may indeed feel that you are in a crisis, even as you read this. But the Lord gave me a Word today that will set you free! Do not allow your vision to become eclipsed by the things in your immediate surroundings. Nor fear something that may loom in the distance. It may seem all dark around you. But the Light of the Gospel and the Love of God has been shed abroad into your heart. Walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, even as He told us I am the Light of the World. He is lighting and lightening your way.

What may sound like thunderous cheers at your struggle by the enemy is really signaling the beginning of the end of Hell's grasp on your throat. The enemy has tried to strangle you. He has wanted to keep you down, keep you quiet, keep you unable to rise and soar. But What he perceives as your "end" is really his end!

Even as a caterpillar goes into a cocoon, and it seems a death is taking place to the caterpillar, so too it seems you have entered into a "Valley of death" from which you wonder if you will escape. But there is a transformation taking place. Do not let the crisis of the moment and the tyranny of the things being demanded cause you to look away from the Face of the One who Loves you and Who gave (yielded) Himself up [to atone] for Your sins [and to save and sanctify You], in order to rescue and deliver You from this present wicked age and world order, in accordance with the will and purpose and plan of our God and Father--

Do not doubt, HE WILL bring you OUT!
The Veil that hides Him from your view is being removed.

Your eyes have seen and will yet see again the Glory of the Lord. But You need to see that it is not just in HIM, but it is in YOU and has RISEN upon you! He has taken you into the Holy of Holies with Himself and ushered you past everything that cries out that you are not worthy, you are not ready, you can not do this. He makes you both ready and worthy and He tells you when to fly and when to stay under His wing. He alone can make your tired, heavy heart to sing! He alone is your strength, your reason for being. He alone is Life and in Him is the Light you need for right now.

You are not in crisis as you suppose. You are in Chrysalis- and He is transforming
what was, into what He says IS and you shall be-
the gift of Beauty and Grace to this Earth that He has created you to be.

Selah and give thanks!


Brittni said...

Wow. Total Conformation.!
Thanks so much for posting. I totally needed the encouragement.

What you just said. is exactly what I have been feeling. and hearing. and saying.

I just start feeling discouraged that its taking so long to get out of this darn cocoon!
and after awhile you start to wonder. "humm did God really say..."(or maybe its just that darn serpent saying that!! since he has been quoted saying the exact same thing to eve..)But I know its all in Gods perfect timing.

and there is a reason I haven't been able to break free and fly yet. (He who waits.. will sprout wings like eagles and sour/fly! I didn't think I would have to wait this long though!)

I'm sooo tired. but God Knows how Much I can handle. but sometimes I am quite amazed that He thinks I can handle so much. lol!

God Bless

Gene said...

This is a very encouraging thing. I appreciate the Gift God give thru you.

Sometimes I feel like I have emerged and then.....Back in the Chrysalis