Sunday, August 15, 2010

Holding Patterns

Yes, No, Wait. The three answers God gives us to any given
prayer we pray. We LOVE those YES answers!
We are not so fond of the "NO" answers. But most of us really
do NOT like the "WAIT" answer!

I know two different people who have had "trusting" situations arise. One friend went from a 2 income to 1 income household. The other person went from a 1 income to no income household! Both are positions of having to totally trust and rely on God. Both have wonderful testimonies of God's Faithfulness in meeting their needs while they waited (and are waiting) for the job to manifest. The one income is working again. The other one is still in the position of holding on to Daddy's hand and trusting Him as He walks them through this situation.

We all have places where it seems we need a little more faith than usual, a LOT more patience and an endowment of Grace. The good news is God says "MY Grace IS sufficient for you!"

2Co 12:9 (AMP) But He said to me, My grace (My favor and loving-kindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for My strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will all the more gladly glory in my weaknesses and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!

I am reminded of a message given by Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck, entitled Holding Pattern. She talked of being in the airport and getting ready to land. The Captain had already come on the loud speaker announcing that they would be landing soon... so she was in anticipation of being on the ground and met by her party and taken to the hotel where she could freshen up before the meeting that night.

But then the plane began to turn and she looked out the window and saw it moving AWAY from the city! At first she thought, oh perhaps he needs to re-position for landing. Sometimes that is true and so something that appears to be carrying you away from the target is actually repositioning you to hit the target.

But in this case the plane swung out wide and circled back around and then circled again. The loudspeaker crackled to life and the voice said, "This is your Captain speaking, it seems there will be a bit of delay because they are not ready for us on the ground."

Dear Ones, do you not know that I AM ordering your footsteps and though you plan your way it is I who direct your path? (Prov. 16:9) I have a path chosen that will bring harmonious blessings, for I do not add sorrow to the gifts that I give to you. (Prov. 10:22) Be patient and relax as I prepare the way for you. My Favor is going before you. Even as some of you sit on the runway awaiting lift off, while others are circling anxiously awaiting to touchdown at a certain destination, I AM still in control and have not forgotten you, nor lost sight of My promises to you. My Plans remain the same... to bring you good, do you no harm, to bless you and strengthen and deliver you. (Jer. 29:11)

Even as I am at work in the background on details, I am also at work IN you, both doing and willing of My good pleasure for your life. (Phil. 2:13) Trust me! For I have seen the finished product (the one you yet do not see) and I have pronounced it good! (Gen. 1:31) I AM filling in the picture, stroke by stroke upon the canvas of your life, just as you are growing in Me line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little. (Isa. 28:10)

Even as the ant is very small, and lily petals very fragile, yet I have used both to draw a picture of My oversight and care. Yes, even the birds of the air and beasts of the field have provision from My hand and watchful gaze. (Psa. 145:16) How much more is My affection and love for you my son and daughter whom I have created in My own image and likeness and given My Spirit to? (Luke 12:24,27)

Know this, that I uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness, (Isa. 41:10) even as I hold together the whole of all existence. (Col. 1:17) You sang as a child, "He's got the whole world in His hands," why did you stop believing it? It is still true today!

Smile my child and give me your cares. Count your blessings one by one, and see the many things I have already done. Before the counting is through, I'll have more blessings piled up for you! Your child like trust, and a heart of obedience are of far more worth to Me than you can imagine. (1Sam.15:22) They melt My heart with pride and joy and open wide the floodgates of Heaven's doors. You've only dabbled on the shores of My Love. Come and experience so much more!

Yes Lord, I fling open the door to my heart. Come and examine each and every room. See what has been left severely alone. See the gouges and nicks upon the table of my heart, and how the edges have been worn by rough handling and storms... Come with the oil of restoration and apply it liberally. Renew and refresh me with Your love. Wipe away the fret lines where worry has etched itself deep. You have promised that I can lay down in safety and peacefully sleep. Forgive my childish fears, and sometimes incessant questioning. Teach me how to trust again, that I rely totally on You. Keep me and guard my ways. Help my thoughts not to stray fretting about tomorrow, but Trust You through out this day. Thank you for holding me in Your hand and never letting go! I love you so. Amen.

1. Make a list of Blessings
2 Make a list of concerns and date it.
3. Then find scripture promises for promised help and deliverance for each issue.
4. Write out a prayer of praise thanking Him in advance for the answers.
5. Go back and write what you learned while waiting for the answers and then the date the answers came and how He answered.