Saturday, July 24, 2010

Awake Awake O Sleeper

As a friend and I prayed and spoke together tonight,

I kept hearing these words: Awake, awake O sleeper!

She and I prayed and decreed some things concerning

America and Jerusalem, concerning the Body of Christ and

spiritual hunger, and just shared some things of the Lord together.

It was wonderful fellowship, but I could not shake the words

ringing in my ears. My friend sensing that the Lord was ministering cut the conversation and I came to the keyboard to type out what I was seeing and hearing.

I saw a bedroom. It was small and paneled. There was a bed with an American Colonial wooden 4 post frame to it. Not as tall as a poster frame, the posts were maybe about 8-12 inches high- with a nicely curved head and footboard, of dark finish. There was an old timey quilt on the bed and some blankets.

I saw a young woman, she was not dressed for company, but was stripped down to something like a petticoat with a full skirt attached- something that would be worn under a dress. Her hair was shining as though great care had been taken in her grooming and was pulled back in a loose bun at the nape of her neck with a ribbon around it. Even in this state of attire there was grace and beauty upon her…

I glimpsed a dress that was in the atmosphere hovering near her. It appeared to be a scoop neck white shiny satiny gown with a filmy partial overlay to the skirt and filmy long sleeves w/ ruffles at the cuffs, attached to the bodice. I also noticed that there were other garments (some looking dingy) hanging on pegs on the wall. She seemed oblivious to the gown suspended in the air to her right.

This vision is two fold. It represents America but it also represents The Bride. (No I am not saying America is God’s Bride- He is just showing me two things at once.)

This bedroom represents the Birth of America and the place of intimacy that surrounded her birth as well as the Level of vision and call that she walked in during her early days. Yes great care WAS taken in grooming her, and shaping her for the Prophetic Mantle and destiny that she is to wear and execute. But in this picture she had stripped off those clothes and now eyed other garments hanging in the corners of the room. Indeed she had been just lounging somewhat but now had gotten off the bed and stood by the foot of the bed.

So too, for the Bride the bedroom represents a place of intimacy or a place of apathy and indulgence. The Bride of Christ has been groomed and prepared for past feats and is being groomed and prepared for future exploits. Yet she has dallied with other lovers and taken clothing not fit for her. Though she has not totally strayed, she has listened to seducing whispers and she has lost some of her innocence and become cynical and somewhat hardened. She has of late, stayed in a state of ease, pampering herself, and not taking her place in the outside world, even as a Princess would take up her functions as part of the Royal household and discharge orders with Royal Authority.

The fact that the gown was to her right represents, Authority, fellowship, and Intimacy where Prophetic Destiny is revealed and birthed… The gown was very simple but full-skirted and absolutely breathtaking. It seemed to glow! Likewise, sometimes things of the Spirit seem very “simple,” but they are indeed very “full” and when they are executed in obedience the results are breathtaking and brilliant.

These two things are parallel things. And both must be righted and put back on course. As the Bride of Christ once again puts on her mantle and takes the Place she was meant to fill, then other things will also come into alignment and take their place … Arise shine for Your Light has come!

Below is the Word that I received. Again it is a parallel word- partly for America, partly for the Bride…

Awake! Awake, o sleeper! Rise up and shake thyself awake.

Linger not in a state of drowsy slumber; linger not only half awake,

languishing on your bed of ease.

Take not the garments of carelessness, nor wear the robe of foolishness. Put on the garments I have created for you--Garments of purity and humility, garments of strength and wisdom, garments of preparation and grace.

I give a robe of Righteousness and a Mantle of Divine Destiny!

When you walk in the Robes of My Spirit and are clothed with Me,

you will walk in steps of Divine Order, Integrity and

uncompromised Authority.

Arise my Love and come away from all that distracts and

defiles and divides your love for Me.

Put away petty differences and walk in Kingdom Authority.

Transact Kingdom business as my legal representative;

for I give you my signet and you wear My ring

as my Chosen Bride to be.

Now stop being selfish and focus my love, on ME!

Too long you’ve been divided.

Too long captivated and enamored, but not by Me.

I am coming my Bride. I am coming my Love.

I am coming even now,

with many things to give to you,

but alas you’ve been sleeping,

oblivious to My seeking...

I am seeking you out. I am stirring you up!

I am raising you now to be

what I Myself have prophesied and

said You will be:

The City set on a hill not to be hidden.

That Candle burning brightly,

with no sign of quitting.

That radiant Bride, without Spot or Wrinkle-

for have I not made the sacrifice and

My Own Blood did sprinkle?

I will not be put off, I will not be denied.

I AM coming for you my Chosen One;

I am coming for MY BRIDE.

So now get busy with the preparations,

the guest list is quite too few.

I want a BIG Celebration

when I return in Love for you!

Too many things you’ve forgotten and

some you have let slip.

Guard your heart, keep your mind,

put a zip upon your lip!

Speak not as the world,

lamenting of the day,

No My Love, speak as the Oracle,

showing them the WAY.

Give your self over

to changing the present scene.

Your words and prayers spoken

have more power than they seem.

The Day of the Lord is as a thief,

and I am coming to steal you away.

Before I make My Appearing, let Me have full sway.

I AM still working miracles and

giving gifts to man,

I know the thoughts I have for you,

the details and the Plan.

Every one of them is good,

glorious and grand,

so take Your Place My Bride,

Keep Your Watch and STAND.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Serious Words for Serious Times

Today yet Another Strong Warning was released from God- this time through Cindy Jacobs via Elijah List. Church in America, it is TIME TO WAKE UP AND PRAY, AND TAKE YOUR PLACE ONCE AGAIN!

I’ve posted Cindy’s below and then along with hers, some equally powerful words and insights that have been released by my Apostle,  Pastor Rusty Bowles.

Cindy Jacobs: An Urgent Call for Massive Intercession
by Cindy Jacobs
Jul 20, 2010

Dear Believers in Christ,

A few days ago as I watched a news business channel, I received the following word from the Lord. As you can tell, it's a serious warning. I know the nation is in a delicate condition now, but I believe that I need to send this word out. I ran it by Chuck Pierce and he said that it fits with what he has been hearing, only more specific on the economic side.

This is a wake up and it's so strong.

A Serious Warning and a Call for Urgent Prayer

A warning received from the Lord on July 17, 2010 in Dallas, Texas:

A few days ago as I watched the financial news, the Lord clearly spoke these words to me, "The nation is teetering!" I then had a vision of the economy of the United States, on what looked like a "scale of justice." He then went on to show me that we must fast, pray and cry out to the Lord for mercy and solutions that will balance righteousness and justice.

In praying to the Lord for wisdom about this word, I realized what must be done—it is time for the Church in America to stand up and take her place once again in the nation. I mulled over the fact that we have already lost so many of our liberties and this is what I heard, "If the Church doesn't fast and pray for a faster acceleration of revival and awakening, the iniquitous sin structures in the nation will tip the scale that is teetering and there will be another great depression."

Of course, this word shook me to the core of my being. Many of you may be aware that the Holy Spirit spoke to me almost a year before the September 2008 economic melt down, that there would be "no more business as usual."

The balance of the economy is fragile and depending on the way we fast, pray, and how we cast our votes in the next election will depend on which way the scale tips. We must pray and do. We must pray and act. We must awaken the Church to the state of the nation without fear of pleasing man or fear for our reputation.

God is watching to see which way the die will be cast. If we shift the nation to Biblical values in the arenas of righteousness and justice, the economy will follow. If we continue in our stance of support for Israel, the Stock Market will stabilize and prosper, and that which is fragile will become strong. Supernatural solutions will be sent from Heaven that our natural minds could never reason, nor grasp and they will heal the land.

If we do not heed in this hour there will be a tumbling of our economy and dark days will be ahead to such a degree that our nation will possibly never fully recover from and have the greatness as a nation that God has favored us with for generations.

God have mercy. God send an awakening. God send salvation.

Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

“This definitely lines up with what God revealed to me in May. (2010)”

“If my people,,,, the other side of that is; if my people do not…”

I’ve seen lights in some churches going out, and lights in others getting brighter… (July 20, 2010)


"On your fast…. Break unholy alliances and forge holy alliances. This is what ails the church. Not just the govt. The CHURCH has made unholy alliances in order to further agendas. Christians have made unholy alliances in order to get ahead or promote their ministries, Wherever the money was, some did whatever it took to get it in the name of their ministry. This goes from the top to the bottom and has to start with the individual. Each one of us has to pray for unholy alliances to be revealed so that we can break each one of them. The govt rests on His shoulders and therefore on our shoulders if we are His body. It is up to the church according to 2 Chron 7:14 not the govt." May 31, 2010
National Vision - May 2009
Pastor Russell Bowles
(Released in '09 I am re-posting it today for you to revisit in light of Cindy's release. Nancy)

We sit at a crossroad in our country. We look to the right and to the left trying to decide which road to take and actually neither avenue looks very promising at the moment. Plans and programs are being worked on feverishly and a new political machine is grinding away to try to fix what seems to be wrong with our country. Massive amounts of money are being provided for situations in hopes that it will, in some way, alleviate the dilemma that the US finds itself in. We tend to blame those that have gone before for the current set of calamities and the current political party of power sets itself to the task of undoing much of what was put into place by their predecessors. This is not a new thing for it has been the Modus Operenda of our political system for many many years. The problem as I see it is that we must be looking in the wrong places and for the wrong things because the answers continually elude us, remaining seemingly just out of grasp. If it were not so, we would have already solved all the woes and all the US would be walking in high prosperity.

From the humble place that I stand, I ask the question; has The United States of America at this time wandered away from her national vision? This vision was carefully crafted by a people that knew oppression and wanted a better life for them and their posterity and was first stated in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The salvation of our country and the restoration of our great nation are not in the hands of the politicians or in any programs. It will not and cannot be achieved through Government programs or bailouts. It matters not how sincere or insincere those in office are for they are simply incapable of performing the job and accomplishing what only the King of the Universe can. You see we are not a nation of diversity though that word is used as a catch phrase in these days.

Look at the preamble again as though for the first time. The first thing mentioned is “We the People,” not they the politicians. Then it describes a Union, not a diverse set of all inclusive ideologies. We are to establish Justice, not bow to special interest groups at every turn trying unsuccessfully to placate all.

What about domestic tranquility? When was the last time we, as a nation, had domestic tranquility? We have had riots in the streets, gangs running our cities and police walking into danger every time they enter their police car or walk their beat. Drugs flow like water and incurable diseases flourish.

Consider the common defense. Military budgets get axed so that billions can go to automobile manufacturers that then declare bankruptcy. Military contracts go to the lowest bidder or get pork barreled into a state or district to garner political favor.

So what about promoting the general welfare? This does not say provide welfare for everyone, but to promote general welfare. If we had lifted up this axiom, our country would not be in the state it is now, and if public welfare had not been used as a political tool to garner votes I wonder where America could be today.

Now we come to the issue of securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. The question is; has massive government spending and expansion ever secured anything? Are we not now loading an almost insurmountable burden on our posterity rather than securing the blessings of liberty for them?

So you see, it does not matter how dedicated, conscientious, or pure of purpose our political arm might be, it simply does not have the tools to secure this national vision so carefully thought out by those brave men and women that risked life and fortune so many years ago. They did that, so that we, over two hundred years later, could have an opportunity for a bright future and be a shining example to a world looking for something to shine. No, this is not pessimism but hope, for there is an answer, it just is not in the government. Well meaning or not, it cannot do what it was never designed or ordained to do.

So you see the answer does not rest in the high offices of government, or in the hands of lobbyists or campaign officials. It does not depend on the media’s accurate reporting of events or their editorializing of opinions. It will never be accomplished by the courts, or precedent setting cases or judges’ opinions, not even with those of the Supreme Court of the United States as powerful as that organization might be.

When one is in a boat that is taking on water and in danger of sinking there are, as I see it, four distinct possibilities:

1. Sit in the boat and complain

2. Get out of the boat

3. Find a bucket and start bailing

4. First find the hole and plug it, then bail.

The United States has been pursuing the third option for a long time. At every election new buckets are handed out. The more we bail, the deeper the water gets and the lower the boat rides. WE do not seem to have large enough buckets or strong enough pumps to keep ahead of the rising water. It is time to go to option four. This option has been available all the time, but perhaps is not as visible as the act of bailing. It might take someone getting dirty and sticking their head under the water to see where the hole is. Not a glorious job and one might not get national recognition for it but this is what is necessary now from what I see.

The question is are the correct people willing to stick their heads under the dirty water and find the hole, then plug it when no one might ever know? Who are these people and how do they perform this task? If they are identified, will they step up and do what no one else has been able to accomplish?

Following, is what I believe that I have been shown concerning our nation:

This national vision folds right in to the Scriptures in II Chr. 7:12-14:

II Chronicles 7: 12Then the LORD appeared to Solomon by night, and said to him: “I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice. 13When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

I believe that there is no doubt that we are in a season of pestilence. The more money one makes, the more everything costs. Unemployment is at an all time high, banks are failing, whole industries are in danger of disappearing, and work is being outsourced to cheaper venues to attempt to bolster the bottom line. Globalism is the word of the day, and droughts are more common than they have been in a long time. New diseases are popping up at an alarming rate and cures lag far behind.

You see the restoration and salvation of our Nation rests firmly on those humbled hearts and in those hands that are folded in prayer. It kneels (waiting) on those knees bent in prayer and sees through those uplifted eyes, seeking the face of the only One who has the power to restore and renew. It abides in those repentant hearts that will turn from wickedness and in those spirits that will cry out for national forgiveness and healing in this land.

Those hearts, those hands, those eyes and those spirits are the ones that must plug this hole. Without this happening, our nation will continue to take on water and try to borrow itself out of debt. Those people that are called by the mighty name above all names, alone have the power and authority to bring healing to this “One Nation Under God”. It will not be accomplished through any of the three branches of our Government or any combination of alliances or associations. It will be accomplished by a people that are willing to lay down prejudice and self seeking ideas and humble themselves, and pray, and seek His face, AND turn from their wicked ways. Then the promise is that He will do the bailing, He will bring healing and restoration, He will again bring unity to our land.


Russell T. Bowles

Pastor of Church of the Latter Rain
Pastor Rusty Bowles
Church of the Latter Rain
1456 Beltline #139
Garland TX 75044

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Cindy Jacobs' Itinerary:
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cocooned in Him

Had a dream last night. I was so aware of being
cocooned in His Presence. I awoke with that
thought and feeling.

As I sought Him this morning the word "Refreshing" was quickened to me. Felt led to pray for
all of HIS leaders to be refreshed.
Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists.
That they be refreshed. And then the Body of Christ as well.

Below is the flow of the Spirit as He led me to write, regarding that:

Refreshing. Cocooned in His Presence.
Beholding His Glory. Seeking His Face.
Washed in the Spirit. Refreshed and new.
Breakthrough to Him. Accessing the Grace.
Cooling the atmosphere with the rain
of His Spirit. Holy Ghost streams-
Water Flowing, Wind Blowing.
Riding on the current- Charged with His Love.


"Hidden in Me you find the rest you need,
the Grace you seek, the Strength you lack.
Hidden in Me you can face Goliath.
From your vantage point in Me you can
see and I will show you
great and mighty things and
small things just for thee.

I delight to be Your strength, to hold you up high-
lifted by My Spirit and held by My Hand.

When you walk out of My Word and
do not abide in my Presence
you begin to lose ground and altitude little by little.

Stay seated with Me. Don't lose your footing or
give place to the enemy through busyness and
neglect of things Spiritual.
Rather, infuse the mundane
with the Spiritual.
Operate from the Spirit. I do.
Watch and see, then imitate Me."

Isa 28:11 For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.
Isa 28:12 To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.

John 5:19 (AMP) So Jesus answered them by saying, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, the Son is able to do nothing of Himself (of His own accord); but He is able to do only what He sees the Father doing, for whatever the Father does is what the Son does in the same way [in His turn].

Sunday, July 4, 2010

God's Dream

"I have a dream... "
These words ring in our hearts as the profound words
of Dr. Martin Luther King, whose Godly example and leadership brought much needed dignity,
awareness and Godly change within the cultural
fabric of America back in the 60's.

Do you know where such a dream came from?
A dream for equality, justice and dignity amongst
people from different racial heritages?
That dream was born in the Heart of God Himself!

God said, let us make man in OUR image.
Depending on what is your racial, cultural,
genetic background, when you read that,
will determine what picture you form in your mind!

Was Adam and Eve, White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean or Indian?
Did they have blonde hair or black hair,
or brown hair? What about eye color and
facial features? Since Adam and Eve were
only 1 couple and we have so many
different races, and colors and heritages,
where did they all come from?
Have you ever wondered?

Let's see God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and
replenish the Earth... so logical deduction would be
that all those different DNA's had to be present in the prototype for the different races to have come into being!
(That's because we ALL were already in God's Heart!)

Are you ready for a shocker?
All of us can trace our roots back to Adam and Eve!
Which means that we are all brothers and sisters at
the very basis of where it all began. Hello!
Now that may be unsettling to some folks who still
have darkness, pride and ego in the crevices of their
hearts and lying vanities in their heads.

So out of all the people's of the world God was looking
for a race that He could show Himself strong to, and
dwell with and have them for a showcase of His
goodness. And He chose Abraham out of the idol
worshipers of that day. Abraham was not a "saved" man
when God called him! He was an idol worshiper. But God looked at his heart and found it pliable and seeking.
(What does God find when He looks at our hearts? )

Thus Israel was "born." But you know God didn't say
"to hell with the rest of the world." No, Israel was to be a purveyor of Truth, of Righteousness, and to be a place
where all the nations of the world could come to,
to find HIM! Fast forward to Jesus' day.
Jeshua Ha Mashiach- Jesus The Messiah had come,
but Israel did not recognize Him!

God's dream was/is still the same- to have a home
where others could find Him. So He sent out the
Apostles and disciples to tell the good news that God
was looking for them, to have a home in their hearts!
Out of this home and this living relationship would flow
living water, and hope and Light for the world to see.
No longer devoted to Israel only, God graciously made
the offer available to all of us! (Rom. 11:17-32)

He offered the dream in His heart to have a beacon
burning brightly amongst all peoples and nations.
And He planted it deep with in the heart of men and
women, who in turn followed the dream in their
hearts to a "Brave New World" to Birth a Nation,
whose Founder was God Almighty, the Living God.
Thus AMERICA was born. Not to replace Israel,
but to come along side of her in purpose to shine
forth the Praises of HIM who has called us out of
darkness into His marvelous light.

America has stood for Righteousness and
Justice and Mercy, and has sent out more aid to
the world than any other, helping in times of
crisis in other lands and sending not only
humanitarian aid, but sending the GOSPEL of
Jesus Christ into lands that were in darkness,
but now have had the Kingdom of God draw near
because missionaries "went."

Ours is a Heritage built on dreams that flowed
into the heart of man from the Heart of God.
And God has found many "homes" to dwell in,
because men and women went with a dream in
their heart to share the Love and the Light
of the Gospel with others.

America was not man's idea, but God's Dream!
America is not just "another nation" but rather
we are a Nation set apart unto God Himself,
for His purposes, with a Destiny to fulfill.
We were called in Righteousness, we were
founded on Biblical principles governing
men's hearts who drew up a Living Document-
alive with God's Heart in it!

This is America. Built on Christian-Judeao
principles, and philosphies and ethics.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
(Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaaqob.) The One who
sent Jesus to bring us back home to Him!

Remember, Israel was told to build a court
in the temple, where the nations of the world,
the Gentiles (goyim) could come into this place
to seek Him and worship. Notice, they were not
told to make room for the other nations gods,
but to give them place to come see the One True God!

So too, I speak to YOU America; "make no place
for other gods in your temples!" Give no place to
anyone or anything but the ONE TRUE GOD,
who has called you forth out of the
Dream in HIS HEART. You were bought with
the price of Blood America. His Blood. Though your
sins be scarlet they shall be white as snow.
Return to your first love!
You have been kept by the blood of many who
believed in and gave their lives for your freedom,
heeding the call of the Dream that made You a reality.

God has blessed You. And now you have journeyed
from from Him. Will He also not chastise you and
bring you back to Himself? Return now!
Revive again the Dream of God for America!
Be delivered from the Wilderness of Sin.
Open wide and and Let the King of Glory
come back in!

Red, White and Blue-
God, America SHALL Live for You!
America Shall Be Saved! You did not destroy Israel
in the wilderness for your own name sake and
we cry out to You oh Lord, do not cast us off!
Lord we cry out to You for America!
We cry out for You to come and visit us!
Forgive us Lord! Cleanse us from all
unrighteousness and make us a showcase
of Your Goodness and Glory once again!
Thank you for this Great Nation-
One Nation UNDER GOD- Under YOU.
Let Freedom Ring! Let it ring in our hearts as
we bow and submit to You and make you Lord
individually in our lives and collectively in our Land.
Thank you for the privilege and honour of
being an American. But that pales beside the
Honour and awesome responsibility
of being a CHRISTIAN. Help us to remember
that their is neither Greek nor Jew, nor bond,
nor free, when our lives are hidden in Thee!
In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bid Me Come

A girlfriend and I were discussing the previous
blog post and various scriptures
as they pertain to our lives. She shared a thought with me that I found to be
profound but not often pointed out.
It is in the following scripture:

Mat 14:22-32 And straightway Jesus constrained his
disciples to get into a ship, and to go before him unto
the other side, while he sent the multitudes away.
And when he had sent the multitudes away,
he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and
when the evening was come, he was there alone.

But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed
with waves: for the wind was contrary. And in the
fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them,
walking on the sea. And when the disciples saw him
walking on the sea, they were troubled,
saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.

But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying,
Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid. vs. 28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou,
bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come.

( The Message translation says-
Peter, suddenly bold, said, "Master, if it's really you,
call me to come to you on the water."
He said, "Come ahead.")

vs. 29-32 And when Peter was come down out of
the ship,he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.
But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid;
and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.
And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and
caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith,
wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were
come into the ship, the wind ceased.

Notice the ship was being tossed about by
wind and wave. The word "tossed" in the Greek
means: "To question by torture." Have you ever
had your Faith questioned by torturous
circumstances or situations? It also means
"to vex with grievous pains of body or
mind, to torment." Has your mind been vexed?
Or your body pained? Has your soul been
in torment? It was not a favorable condition
for the disciples to say the least!

Jesus was deep in prayer on a mountain, but in
Mark 6:38 it says He "saw" them toiling in the rowing.
(Being deep in prayer will allow you to see what you
might otherwise not be able to!)

In the fourth watch He goes to them... This is sometime between 3am - 6 am. He's been praying, and they've
been laboring to get to the other side of the lake,
like He's told them to!

He comes walking on the water out to them.
They are terrified! Not only is the sea raging
but now there is a "figure" approaching their ship.
They screamed and were totally agitated and in
turmoil within themselves. Though the winds blew
loud and hard, He still heard their distressed cry!
Immediately He answered them-It is I!
Now it doesn't say they asked any question,
but He heard the questions in their hearts and
He answered them; "It is I, be not afraid!"

Now they've been rowing all night, probably taking
turns at it, and are probably quite fatigued.
Jesus has just spoken comforting words to them, saying "It is I." Peter answered him, ... this is a Hebraism meaning
an address (response) was expected, and
so Peter responded to the figure on the water.

At this point, Peter does a most remarkable thing!
He doesn't say, "Hail Lord! Glad to see you.
Can you help us out here, and calm the storm?"
No, Peter says, "Lord if it be you...(show me the stuff
in other words!) Bid me come to You!" Draw me Lord!

Now, what can Jesus say? "No, dude, it's
not really Me, so you better stay put!"
Did He think Peter had the Faith
to walk on the water?
Well, He didn't say, " Yeah, it's Me,
but I don't think you have what it
takes Peter to do this!"
No, He answered, "Come ahead!"

What Peter was really saying, was this:
"On the strength of Your Word, I can do this!
Urge me on, incite me (my faith) by word,

command me to come!"

Jesus answered two things.
He answered Peter's question,
"Lord is this really you?"
And He answered Peter's faith.

"All that the Father giveth me shall come to me;
and him that cometh to me I will in no wise
cast out." John 6:37

"No man can come to ME except the Father
which hath sent Me draw him...
" John 6:44.

Peter didn't ask Him to calm the storm.
He asked Him to call him to Himself!

"Lord, we're are in a terrible storm,
but if You will just call me to come to you..."
And upon Jesus' saying one word (ONE WORD!)
Peter got OUT of the boat and stepped on to the
water and began to walk out to meet Jesus in
the midst of being tossed
(tortured, tormented, pained)
by the storm.

Drawing nigh to Jesus, is still the most important thing
we can do, especially in a storm!

It was only when he took his eyes off of the prize
of the high calling of the Lord Jesus Christ, that
he began to sink.

Jesus is still calling to us today.

Oh Lord, bid me come!

"Come! Don't look at the wind and
waves of your surroundings.
Do not be in torment of soul and mind.
Do not permit the enemy to torture you
with interrogation of your faith.
I am calling you to Myself. Therefore, step
boldly upon My Word, it shall sustain you.
Indeed I hold you up with the right hand
of My righteousness, which cannot fail.
Come to Me and I will give you peace.
I will answer the questions that you
have not voiced, but yet they nag at you.
I will silence them, even as I spoke one word
to Peter that emboldened him to trust Me
in the midst of the storm.
I will silence their voice, as you concentrate
on and listen to My Voice.
Now is the time. Come!"

"My beloved spoke, and said unto me,
Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away."

Song of Solomon 2:10

For your reference-: The Jesus Boat discovered in 1986!