Monday, June 27, 2011

Prophetic Alliteration

After church tonight as I was driving in my car, God spoke prophetically these words:

Activate, Accentuate, Abbreviate, Abdicate, Assimilate, Appreciate.  As I pondered them, this is what I heard God say: 

I want to Activate some things in your life, new dimensions of My call to you and the giftings I’ve placed inside of you.  I want to Accentuate My Bigness and Greatness, as well as My Goodness to and through you.  But too often your response has been to Abbreviate what I want to do, as if I can’t possibly flow through you.  Worse yet is when you Abdicate and try to Assimilate into your surroundings.

No! I’ve called you to assimilate and gestate what I have spoken to you and to Appreciate and Accept your place and the uniqueness of what I am about to do in, with and through you. Great Grace has been released, you just need to receive and feed upon it and let it facilitate as I position and Consecrate you to Myself. I am more than enough and I have more than enough, and there is no thing, no circumstance, or pain or loss or burden that you may bear, that I will not be there to lift you up and bear you on eagle wings to that secret place where My heart sings over you in love. 

Even as the closer you get to the waterfall’s edge the greater the roar of the rapids. So, too is the roar in the Spirit the closer you draw near to Me and your Prophetic Destiny.  Hell roars, in horror trying to scare you away, but I roar louder to draw your deeper day by day.  Come, let Me have my way, even as you drown in the waters that are over your head, you will find yourself  born again as I continually fashion and form anew, fine tuning the Dream I call YOU.

Do not be afraid that you can not swim, for He is calling for you to REST in HIM.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

His Poetry

Unassuming Kings and Queens

Golden Treasure
In Jars of Clay
Our wills we bow
And at His feet we lay

Royal Crowns we wear
Though none can see
Our Lives are Marked
With an Eternal Destiny

Our steps are ordered
By an inward flow
Constantly He guides
In the Way we should go

Being groomed daily
By the Upward Call
“Come Follow Me
And leave it all”

With hearts fixed on Jesus
We Keep the Son in our eyes
Adjusting our Eagle wings
We soar through the skies

Mounting up higher
When storms arise
Ever pressing onward
For the Heavenly Prize

We are His Workmanship
Created by Divine Design
His song of Melody and Harmony
Our hearts and His beating in time!

NEM 6-26-2011