Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ye Shall Be Witnesses, Martyrs For ME

"We carry this treasure in earthen vessels,

hidden to man's mere mortal eye!

I am dead in Christ, it is He

who lives, no longer I."

Truly our brethren have embraced this Truth

and live its reality day to day.

Let us pray that they might live to see

yet another day and

glorify Christ as living sacrifices,

as lights in this dark world,

as those who dance through

on the Feet of Faith.

Let our prayers lift them up, strengthen and

under gird them for His Service, where e'er that might lead.

Oh for your protection and mercy Lord we plead!

For our brothers and sisters in far away lands

that they continue to stand and

declare Your Lordship for all to see.

Let your Glory shine forth and

bring many captive souls out

of bondage and set them free.

Grace them and us for the race we run.

Let all in Truth and Love be done.

Make a way, show Your face.

Give a song of faith

even as death some will embrace.

Lord for us who know

not such pain, help us our idols cast

that Christ we gain.

You prayed O Lord to make us one...

even as Father and Son!

So, we link our hearts and hands

in prayer across the globe,

for those who wear the

martyrs' crown and robe.

Written in Honor of our Brethren for Day of Prayer

for the Persecuted Church

Nov, 14, 2010