Saturday, January 1, 2011

14 day Prayer & Fasting Focus

2011 Happy New Year!

Day 1


· Worship Him in the Beauty of His Holiness

· The Holy One. The One set apart as utterly perfect and unique, utterly transcending the realm of the finite, the fallen, and the imperfect. Only God is worthy of worship, for He alone is holy. Holy and without Fault Hakkadosh

· A Faithful God El Hanne'eman.

· Just: The God of Justice Elohei Mishpat

· Righteous El Tsaddik. and True

· The God of Truth Elohei Kedem

· Worthy of ALL Honour

· Steadfast and Unchanging El Olam

· Ruler of the Universe

· Most High God, El Elyon

· The Soveriegn One, Hamvorakh

· King of Kings, Melekh HaMelakhim

· Lord of Lords, Adonei Ha-Adonim

· He is Wonderful and A God of Wonders

· Loving and Kind Elohei Chasdi. The God of My Kindness

· Compassionate and forgiving

· Gracious chanun

· Magnificent and Marvelous and Majestic: The Majesty on High HaGedullah Bamaron

· Mighty and Awesome: The Lord God Almighty, Adonai Elohei Tseva'ot

· The Only Wise God, Elohim Echad V'hechakham

· The Living God, Elohim Chayim

· The Father of Lights, Avi HaMe'orot

· God of Glory Elohei HaKavod

· Father of Glory, Hamvorakh

· Everlasting Father Avi'ad


Praise Him for His Wonderful Acts to Man

· His Goodness and Loving Kindness

· His Grace given. The Gracious God El-Channun

· His Mercy extended The Father of Mercies Avi HaRachamim

· His Strength displayed as He Delivers us and He protects us

· He Saves us – Our Saviour Yeshu’ah Hamoshia’.

· That He is Our Healer Jehovah Rapha

· He is our Provider Jehovah Jireh

· He is our God of all Comfort Elohei khol-Nechamah

· He is Our Peace Jehovah Shalom

· He is our Great Shepherd who never leaves or forsakes us Jehovah Rohi

· He is Abba Our Father, Abba Avinu


Names of God:

Day 3

Thank God that Jesus was made Wisdom unto us.

· Scripture says if we Lack wisdom to Ask of God who gives to us

· Liberally and does not chastise us.

· Let us Seek God for wisdom in all our ways.

  • חכמה -- (chokhmah, wisdom) is the ability of the mind to produce insights and form them into a new concepts.
  • בינה -- (binah, understanding) is the mind's ability to take a new insight, analyze its implications, and distill its meaning in more familiar language. Binah is the ability to understand one thing from within another, to discern, differentiate, and so on.
  • דעת -- (da’at, knowledge or reason) is the mind's ability to focus and hold its concentration, as well as to use memory.

· Wisdom to make Godly decisions. To know the path to take.

· For wisdom to know how to answer and how to present Truth.

· Wisdom to navigate through uncharted territory in the New Year.
Wisdom for ourselves and loved ones. For our Pastors and those who mentor us and have oversight of us. Bless each church and its leadership that is walking in Your Will and after Your Heart. Deal with those who are not.

Day 4

For our personal needs.

· For direction and guidance, answers, provision, doors of opportunity.

· And Faith to step through them.

· For the temptations common to man… all the things that try to trip us up: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, pride of life.

· The little foxes that would try to spoil our vineyard personally and collectively.

Day 5

For Grace.

· That the God of all Grace would manifest Himself to us and through us.

· God’s ability stepping in where we lack.

· God’s Efficiency. Tha he would give us wisdom, witty ideas, words of Knowledge and the Spirit of Excellence s Daniel had with the ability to unravel knotty problems.

· God’s Profiency. That His Anointing that is upon us, would anoint us for service in a higher dimension.

· God’s Suffiency. That we would operate on God’s economy and not our own or this world’s!

· God’s strength. That he would strengthen establish and settle us in our inner man. Making us His battle axes. Able to keep rank and understanding of times and seasons.

· God’s help in every dimension in our day to day circle of life (called circumstances) upon us with the energeia or energy of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the Dead, working in and through us to call to life what appears dead and birth new things into the earth for HIM.

Day 6

For All those in leadership in this world.

· Kings, and Presidents.

· Our own president (in America) for Godly wisdom and decisions that Honor God,

· family values, and Israel. That it might be well with us and we might lead quiet and peaceable lives.

· For Govenors and all forms of our judiciary system and legislative bodies across America.

· For the government and political system of each country that You Lord have Your way and Your will. Protect the believers in each country as you deal with governments across this earth.

· For our police and firemen, and Drs. and nurses, and hospitals and administrators and those who serve and care for us in the physical realm.

Day 7

Consecration and submission

· For us to enter into His rest.

· For trust and steadiness of our hearts.

· To enter into a deeper dimension and flow of Him. Both in our personal lives and in our Church.

· To come into a place of complete surrender and loving submission based on all that He is and because all that He does. This will flow out of deepened trust and intimate relationship with Him.

Day 8

Thanking Him for new beginnings and that the door to old things is shut.

· That what the enemy meant for our evil in 2010 did not come to fruition and that He redeemed and rescued us even in unknown ways.

For foundations to be shored up and solidified.

· For Pruning and trimming away of dead things and sucker branches.

· For things that have been lacking or left undone, to be completed.

· To be pliable in His hands.

· For new growth in ourselves in our Churches. For all of us to come up higher and go in deeper in the Word, in relationship and Intimacy with Him, in commitment, in sacrifice and service to Him.

· For clearly heard instructions from the Throne and joyful obedience to Him in all things.

Day 9

Repentance for Personal and National Sins.

· Forsaking God and turning from God and Godly Principals in governing ourselves

· Compromise and legitimatizing sin

· Abortion

· Lust, Pornography, Perversion and Sexual uncleanness of every sort. Lasciviousness

· Lust for things and power at all costs. Personal and on every level.

· Deceptiveness and dishonesty in little things all the way to the National level

· Forsaking Israel on many different occasions/ pressuring her to give up the Land God gave her.

· Judgment on Islam, but deliverance to those trapped in its deception and bondage, that their eyes would be opened to see Jesus and accept him as Lord.

· Seeking God to have mercy on us and restore America to her Christian foundations.

· Seeking for God to be lifted up in each nation upon this earth.

Day 10

· Prayer for all Branches of the Service and our US. military that is serving us and others abroad. Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force. National Guard and reservists and the Chaplains who serve these men and women, that they walk in wisdom and have a bona fide relationship with God.

· Those in harms way, for safety and deliverance from enemy plans. For supernatural intervention. For the Spirit of Revelation to operate in locating and destroying enemy strongholds. Pray for strength and encouragement.

· Divine wisdom in battle plans, no place for ego trips.

· For comfort to families that have lost a loved one who died in the line of Duty.

· Prayer for all military globally who are fighting on the side of righteousness, justice, and freedom. Especially those who are combating terror and Islamic extremists.

Day 11.


· Pray for Prosperity in the economy, especially for all store owners locally and local businesses. Pray for Favor upon those merchants who serve us. Save or Remove the dishonest ones from our midst.

· Pray for more doors of ministry and influence to open to each of our ministries. Pray for the salvation of souls. Backsliders to come back to God. Pray for increase of Aaron’s and Hur’s to help Pastor’s in the running of the ministry God ahs entrusted to each of them. Ministry of Helps. Wisdom in delegating duties. Insight into the motives and attitudes of people’s hearts. For any self exaltation to be exposed in us and dealt with by Abba.

· Pray for finances to come from unexpected sources both to the Church and it’s members. For generosity of heart to outweigh economic fear in our church.

· For supernatural increase. That God hold our land safe in His Hand until such time as we can fully posses it and then show Pastor where it is so we can reap it.

· For Wisdom every step along the way.

· That people do not grow weary in well doing, that we hold rank and do not break rank.

· For Holy Ghost anointing and ease of transition for all concerned.
For Divine surprises!

Day 12.

Pray for Israel;

1. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

a. Pray that the enemies of Israel are brought to confusion and fight one against the other.

2. Pray for the well-being of the state of Israel and its people.

a. Pray for the government leaders in Israel.
b. Pray for the Israeli soldiers.
c. Pray for the underprivileged groups in Israeli society.
d. Pray for the Israelis who make the Holy Land fruitful and turn deserts into blooming fields.

Pray for the Persecuted Brethren.

· For them to be strengthened, encouraged, protected. For Bibles for them to grow in the Word. For Grace to sustain them. For all who want to convert from Islam, give them courage and boldness and protect them. For every underground and house church. For every isolated believer to get connected. For sustenance in the natural. For those in prison and facing torture and martyrdom.

· For Your church to be a Sending Church. Mission Minded in heart and deed.

· Evangelizing locally and around the world.

· Witnesses for HIM.

Witnesses for Me.

"We carry this treasure in earthen vessels,

hidden to man's mere mortal eye!
I am dead in Christ, it is He

who lives, no longer I."

Truly our brethren have embraced this Truth and live its reality day to day.
Let us pray that they might live to see yet another day and glorify Christ
as living sacrifices, as lights in this dark world, as those who dance through on the Feet of Faith.

Let our prayers lift them up, strengthen and

under gird them for His Service, where e'er that might lead.
Oh for your protection and mercy Lord we plead!

For our brothers and sisters in far away lands

that they continue to stand and

declare Your Lordship for all to see.

Let your Glory shine forth and

bring many captive souls out

of bondage and set them free.

Grace them and us for the race we run.

Let all in Truth and Love be done.

Make a way, show Your face.
Give a song of faith

even as death some will embrace.

Lord for us who know

not such pain, help us our idols cast

that Christ we gain.

You prayed O Lord to make us one...

even as Father and Son!

So, we link our hearts and hands

in prayer across the globe,

for those who wear the

martyrs' crown and robe.
Written in Honor of our Brethren for Int’l Day of Prayer

for the Persecuted Church Nov, 14, 2010

Day 13

House Cleaning and Purification of the Body

· Father Let Judgment begin at the House of the Lord that we may stand Pure and Holy.

· Free from spot or wrinkle. Father for every shepherd and minister that you have been dealing with and dealing with, let this be a time of purging and purifying. Remove the dross. Restore YOUR CHURCH!

· We pray for Holy visitation Lord. Visit us!

· Even as Isaiah stood as Your Minister, when He saw your Holiness he cried out Woe is me, I am undone! For I have seen the Lord.

· First may we SEE You. May we behold Your Glory. May we look into Your Holiness and be undone. Undo all the works of the flesh, and striving that we have done. Undo the chains and bonds that hang us up, and tie us down. Show us YOURSELF and let us fall prostrate at Your feet!

· Send the Fire from your altar and consume us with Yourself until nothing is left of selfish ambition and desire. Melt us with Your Presence, even as the Mountains melt in Your Presence. Even as the cherubim came with the live coal from the altar and touched Isaiah’s lips- cleanse our lips, our thoughts, our ways. Conform us to Your Word and Image that YOU have already placed inside of us. Harden us and make us impervious to hardship and trials that we may not be distracted from gazing upon You.

· Let Your Presence flow out of us, because it dwells IN us. Do a new thing in us, with us and through us O Lord! We hunger for more of YOU!

Day 14


· We Rejoice in You O God! Our Lord and Saviour, Master and Creator. The beginner and finisher of Our Faith! We Worship You! We declare You and You alone are God. You are all we seek, all we desire. Every Hope and Dream is wrapped up and Found in You!

· We receive from Your hand blessing and correction, Love and Guidance. We receive from Your heart instruction and affirmation. We believe Your Word which declares every good and perfect gift comes from You and Your plans for us are good ones, loving and kind ones. Ones that are set for our advancement and Your pleasure. That no good thing will You withhold from them that walk uprightly. We Praise You and thank You for Who you are. For sending Jesus and giving us Your Precious Holy Spirit. We thank you for all your goodness and kindness. Teach us your ways. Show us Your heart that we may run after it all of our days. Thank you for giving us free access to Your throne and for welcoming us into Your Presence. Thank you for Loving us so! Help us to love You more!

· Even as we Bless and Thank You Lord, we are mindful of the Gifts that you have placed in our lives in the form of servants who Minister Your Word and seek to draw us closer to you as they pour of themselves into us. Bless the Five Fold and all ministry leadership who serve us in any capacity. We Praise you for their love and faithfulness first to You and then to us. Bless them Lord. Prosper them financially, spiritually and socially. Meet every need. Touch their bodies and minds and refresh them. Keep them safe and untainted by the trappings and entrapments of this world. Speak deeply to their hearts. Draw them ever deeper into Your bosom. Open up the Treasures of Your Word to them.

· Caress them in the night season and hold them when they are afraid. Wipe away all the pain and sorrow that has come from sheep who were not ready to submit, who misunderstood and wounded the very ones You sent to help them.

· Help us to honor them as they honor You and to bless them with our substance as You provide for us.

· Make us a blessing, that together we may reap the Lost, advance the Kingdom, and

restore the fallen.

Thank You Lord for connecting us and making us family not only to You, but to each other in every sense of the word. Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken. Cords of Love. Cords of Kindness. Cords of Grace. Even as You have bound Yourself to us. We thank You and we Praise You. In the Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.