Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prophecy to The Bride

Prophecy To The Bride                                                                                                                  

Released in Makurdi, Nigeria, a Global Prophecy to the Body of Christ

I bring you Greetings today from the USA from my husband, from my intercessors, from My Dad and from Church of the Latter Rain, which is my Dad's church in Garland, Tx.  He sends his love.  He has been praying, his church has been praying for you.  I have intercessors around the world that has been praying for these meetings.  Hallelujah. 

We are Celebrating the Official Recognition of The Glory of His Majesty Ministries new home! HALLELUJAH!  You know, this is a testimony! It is a testimony of GOD’S Faithfulness, His Graciousness, His Abundance and Provision and That man's (pointing to Pastor Michael Ewache) perseverance, Amen? And that woman's perseverance (Mrs. Ewache) Amen! And your willingness to hook into the vision God gave him.  So I commend and I congratulate all of you. Hallelujah?!!

I remind you of scripture... I was praying and asking God, "What do you want me to say?"  He wanted me to remind you...this is what God Himself had to say about what could be accomplished by a people of one mind and one heart and one accord… 

Gen 11:4  And they said, Come, let us build us a city and a tower whose top reaches into the sky, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered over the whole earth.

Gen 11:5  And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.

Gen 11:6  And the Lord said, Behold, they are one people and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do, and now nothing they have imagined they can do, will be impossible for them. 

Do you hear what the Word of the Lord is saying?  When you are one heart, one mind, when you have have one language... Do you know what that Language is? It is the Language of Love and the Language of Faith! When you are of one language, because Faith worketh by Love.  When there is no disunity, when there's no discord,  when there's no disharmony, then GREAT THINGS can be accomplished and NOTHING will be impossible to you,  You've only just begun! Hallelujah!

I sought God and I said, God, this is such an auspicious occasion!  What is the ONE Word that YOU want me to bring to them? What is the thing that is burning on YOUR heart?   Because I could tell  you lots of things, but the most Important thing is, "what's the thing that GOD wants you to hear?" What is coming from the heart of God to you?  And this is what He shared with me... So what I'm about to share with you is straight from the Throne Room, from HIS Heart to Your Heart.  This is what God said.  He said, "This building is wonderful and I AM happy (Do you hear Him, He is saying I am happy) I am happy that you have a nice home in which to worship, in which to come and meet in.  

But what makes ME even more happy is when I have a Home, in which to dwell"  And HE is NOT talking about the building Beloved, He's talking about your hearts. He goes on to say: "It is YOU."  (This is the Lord talking to you!) "For it is YOU that is My Dwelling Place. It is You that is My Home. It is Your Heart in which I want to come and make My abode, in which I want to settle down and Marry you.  

The Glory of this building compares NOT to the beauty I find in each one of you.  The Beauty I see in you was the beauty that I created for you to walk in   and to show forth.  Because as you are showing forth that beauty, it's not just the external beauty, it's the beauty of My entire Being that I have deposited inside of you!  You are my "receptacles," you are My 'containers" you are My Carriers of My Glory!  And you are "Living Stones."  This is just a mere building, but, YOU are my church. You ARE MY CHURCH! YOU ARE MY CHURCH! And I have desired for you to understand that when you come together as those Living Stones and you are "fitly" joined together-when it is one built upon the other... line upon line and precept upon precept, it IS a LIVELY Habitation, it IS a LIVING Habitation!  It is not just brick and mortar. But it is a living home in which My Glory and My Honour can show forth from and spread through the land!  And as You step into that place of being My Home and My Tabernacle then My Glory WILL go forth from this place like rivers. Not just trickles, but like rivers!  Like torrents, like a raging flood across the land of Nigeria!
You will change the face of this land, when you change the face of your thinking about "who you are."  Because who you are, is who you are in ME! Not where you came from, not what you have, and not what you don't have.  It is WHO you ARE IN ME, Beloved.

I am not a hard task master. I'm NOT a slave driver.  And I am not an employer looking for employees!   I AM your Loving Father, I AM Your Helper and your Companion.   I AM your husband and I AM your Bridegroom seeking after His Bride!  Wooing you and longing you to seek after Me! But I will be patient! And I will keep calling you.  And I will keep tugging at your heart because I AM not rude  and I AM not unmannerly.   But I will tug, and I will tap and I will woo and I will call unto you... and I will say, '  I'm calling you out with a plan and a purpose. I'm calling you out with things that you know not yet of!  But Beloved if you will seek My Face, NOT my hand of Blessing, which is already... My heart is already there to Bless you... but if you will seek My Face, if you will seek My Heart... I will give unto you the keys to the Kingdom for it IS My Good Pleasure.  And I will open up to you, many things that you not, things that you've not yet seen!  I will whisper into your heart things that your heart has longed to hear, has longed to know of an assuredy, but your mind keeps telling you that you dare not even think that direction... 'for surely He can't love you that much!  But the Truth of the matter is I DO love you THAT MUCH!  And much more than you can imagine.

I want you to come,  and I want you to Dance with Me. Don't worry that you don't know how, that you don't know the step, you don't know the song.  The Song I planted in your heart, for you are my "poiēma."  You are My workmanship, my Poem, My Music, My Cadence upon this Land, My Melody of Love in a world that is full of Clashing, Clanging Chaos.   You, are my Melody of Love!  And if you will come... just put yourself in My arms!  Trust Me.   I will guide you. I will lead you. I will teach you as we go.  Don't worry that you don't know it all, you'll never know it all until you reach Me in Heaven.   But I will give to you more and more as you seek My Face. 

And as you take that time to come into the secret place with Me, you'll become so attuned  to the lightest touch, to  the smallest whisper of My Love, calling to you. and as you lean in to hear that whisper... You'll know!  You'll Know. For I'll have planted it deep within your heart until our hearts beat as One Heart and it will be effortless...like a bird flying, like a  fish swimming...You won't struggle to "be" because you already are My sons and My daughters, My Chosen Ones, My Jewels!  The very thing that I have lived and longed for is relationship with you.   I want My Presence to be constant in your life.  I don't want to be a Sunday visitor that you come into this sanctuary to meet and greet and spend an hour or two with.  No! I want to be your Lover!  I want to be your friend. I want to be your husband.  And when it is just you and Me, when you've put aside everything else and you've shut the door and you've come into the Bridal Chamber with Me.  You will  find out just what a wonderful lover I AM!  Just what a great provider I AM.  When it's "just" you and me... 

I am drawing you and I am longing you and I am calling for you. And I am saying, this is only the beginning.  What you are seeing is only a foretaste of the Glory of My Presence!  Of the Glory of Heaven.   And don't think it is reserved up "there" for you.  It is reserved, waiting for you to pull it down to earth.  Pull it down by faith.  Pull it down and walk in it daily, for it is yours to have! I will not share My Glory with anyone, but I will put My Glory upon you and with in you.  For did not My Scriptures tell you that you carry this Glory, this very Glory, in earthen vessels? !  I remember that you are clay, but you are beautified clay! You're dignified clay! You're glorious clay!  You're on your way to becoming a glorious Body, an unified Body- a Body, A Bride without spot or wrinkle.  That pleases Me so much My Beloved. 

And so I say to you My Bride, Won't you come away with Me?  Won't you ride upon the wind with Me in my Chariot of Desire?  For you've not tasted desire until you've tasted My Desire for you.  It is a burning, consuming fire that will burn out everything that the enemy has tried to trip you up with.   Everything the enemy has tried to put-every bondage, every fear every loneliness, every disappointment, every heartache... All of those things will be consumed in an instant , in the Presence of My Desire for you.    Because I only have eyes for you.   Will you have dove eyes, that only have eyes for Me? Will you be single visioned? Single minded?  Then come away with Me!  And as you focus on Me and not on those things around; those sins, those distractions that so easily beset us[you]...  As you do that, watch and see.  Will I not lift up those gates of iron?  And remove those bars of brass?   And as you are praising Me, doors will fly open in front of you without you even touching them.  Just at the sound of your Praise of My Name!  Doors that have been closed to you for a very long time will fling open wide!  

This is the Word of The Lord to you.  He is saying, Come! Come Away My Beloved.  Come and Dance with ME. Come and see what you've not yet seen. Come and be My Bride! 

He wants to Dance with you through All of Eternity! Won't you come Dance with Him?


Apostle Nancy E. Minor   Nov. 21, 2013