Sunday, June 30, 2013

Passion's Dance With Fire's Flame

Passion and Fire You give to me
Open my eyes Lord,  that I may see
More of Your Glory revealed to me
More of Your Character perfected in me.

Lord, it’s all about You
Not about me-
Except that I’m seeking more of You
Because I’m so hungry for Thee.

You’ve called me and
Sent me,yes it’s true
But Lord the more I go
The more I know- 
It’s all about me and You!

For I have not a thing in which to share
Unless You my Lord put it there.
The call, the mission, my destiny-
Takes more of You having all of me.

The sweetest Dance
Is made just for two
It’s the Dance of Fir-
Passion’s Flame-it’s just me and You.

Born in the crucible of its flame
“To know You” I cry, again and again.
My life’s a journey I want to live with passionate flame
To know You, my Lord, is my burning desire-
my only aim.

In that place of desire and intimacy,
You reveal the dreams that You have for me.
Plans and dreams you’ve designed-
Lovingly fashioned with me in mind.

And so I’ll dance to the song You sing;
For Your song gives Life to everything.
And in Your arms I’m truly free
As You call- “Come Dance on Eagles Wings with Me.”

It’s the Dance of the Bridegroom with His Bride
Please teach me Lord how to rule and reign 
at Your side.
You’re a Servant King, so that’s how I must be
Ruling and reigning in life through Love’s Victory.

©NEM June 25, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Africa Calling

And it’s for you I cry
My African skies!
With a thousand dreams
And a thousand sighs.

A thousand sunrises
I’ve yet to see;
Or a thousand sunsets
Forever calling to me.

Still, one thousand moons
Will never be-
Enough o’ Lord
Until you give Africa to me!

Give me Africa!
I’ll set her free,
And then sweet Lord,
Present her back to Thee.

I see Africa rising up strong
Taking her place where she belongs.
The African Pearl, and the African star
I hear them calling to me from afar.

“Come over here and help us to see
Come and show us what we can be!
Come with a Mother’s heart
To give Love, teach, strengthen and impart.”

African sun burning so bright
Pales in the Glory of God’s “sonlight.”
African Love, with passion strong
Holy Spirit lead me now where I belong.
Sons, yes, I have a many!
Daughters, not a few-
So many yet calling, I don’t know what to do-
Lord, my eyes are upon You!

Great is the harvest
Great is the Call
Coming to one who
Is “least of all.”

But my heart says, “Yes Lord!”
Here am I, send me…
I’ll arise and answer your question and call-
“Who can I send, who will go for Me?”

Take and send me on the current of Your Love
Guide me with Your Light from Above.
Fill me with your Power and Spirit energy
But may I always have child like Faith in Thee!

Give me Your Wisdom, wit and Way
Teach me to Mark carefully
 All that I do and say

Leading wisely, leading well
Lord, always serving
Living Water  from
Your bottomless well.

And now Lord, I thank You
That You hear my cry
May it pierce men’s hearts
Under the African sky.

In Jesus Name.  Amen.