Sunday, July 24, 2011

Warrior Princess Bride

In intercession on 7/16/11 I saw and heard:

I saw Jesus bending over a beautiful woman who looked like a Princess in every sense of the word. She appeared to be in a deep sleep. He gently brushed her lips with His and blew into her mouth and she began to stir.

I heard these words:

“I am giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to you my Bride. And as my lips touch yours and breathe in new life and revive you, I am putting my Words upon your lips. So now arise my slumbering Beauty.  No longer, think of yourself as fragile and weak, for though you are very beautiful, you are indeed lethal to the enemy.  Too long you have languished, and so I say shake off that spirit that has laid you low, and arise in new power and pick up your weapons and step lively into your destiny. Speak My Words that I have placed upon your lips. Draw forth your bow and shoot them into the atmosphere for great change. For have I not said ‘My Words will not return to me void?’  You are my Bride, My chosen One, but you are also my Warrior.  Arise!”

Next, I saw her standing upright looking around, alert, vibrant, and almost shining! There was a “brightness” that emanated from her…  She had on a long flowing filmy white gown, that had short puffy sleeves and she carried a bow and had arrows on her back.  She had a woven metal belt of gold around her waist, and a sheathed dagger and small sword attached at her left side. She had a woven (of) gold breastplate over her gown, but it was not bulky and I didn’t even notice it at first… it seemed whisper light and she moved freely with it.  She had a woven (of pure gold) band around her forehead, (like a hippy era headband if you will) and long, long flowing, thick and wavy locks. 

I perceived that although in a flowing dress, she was very adept at hand-to-hand combat if necessary, and quite a formidable foe not to be tangled with lightly!  While some might underestimate her because of her great beauty, elegance and grace, there was something not tangible that spoke about her of a boldness, fierceness and a fearless confidence and determination.