Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pioneer, Go Forth!

Pioneers are remarkable people.  They face unknowns, push past their fears and go where they have never been before.  My trusty dictionary gives this definition:

Pioneer- one of those who first enter or settle a region (realm) thus opening it up.  One of a body of foot soldiers detailed (assigned) to make roads... to advance the main body.  To open or prepare a way.  ( Do you see the spiritual applications?)

We are where we are today because of the sacrifice and willingness of others to go before us.  (This also works in reverse, with negative choices people can make.)  We stand on their shoulders and reach upward and outward.  We begin from the ground that they gained for us.  And those who come behind us, will walk in the areas we have forged through our prayers and tears and hard work...

Back in Genesis it is recorded that God spoke and He said, "LIGHT BE!"  And
it was and still is and is ever expanding outward engulfing the darkness and overpowering it!

As we face the darkness around us, (and with in our own lives) and bring HIS light into it, we advance the Kingdom- both within ourselves and without.  What darkness, you may ask.  Fear is a darkness.  Uncertainty, confusion, poverty, sickness, shame, inferiority, ridicule, bullying, prejudice, bigotry, bitterness, lying, hatred... and the list goes on.  These are ALL the work of darkness, Some are with in that we struggle to overcome, others are without that we struggle to subdue and overcome for the good of all.

Johnny Appleseed planted apple seeds everywhere he went, trusting that others would come behind him and tend to and benefit by the trees that grew from those little seeds.  Kindness is a little seed too, but can grow some powerful results... 

Who will come behind you?  What benefit will they find? Where will your pathway that you have forged, lead them? 

Abraham did not know where his path would take him, he simply trusted the One who called him out from among those around him, that HE would lead and guide him through the Wildereness that lay ahead of him.

So, where will the path that you are blazing take you?  And those who come after you?  Only the Father knows, but He is watching as you struggle to go and smiles as you trust Him and continue to grow.

Your frontier awaits you. It may not look like much to others, but to you it is a huge step. It is you own pathway through the wilderness, a highway of Holiness, a journey of progress and a Fellowship of the Spirit.  No one else can walk it for you, it is yours alone to travel.  But others will follow, as you make HIM known.

The song from Honeytree for the coming revival in Croatia.
Pjesma "Pioneer" za probuđenje u Hrvatskoj