Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letter from Billye Brim about Aurora, CO.

Shalom, Prayer Force,
I've waited to post what I feel about the evil event in Aurora , CO.  The vast majority of society today would think my assessment the mark of ignorance.

But counting that true knowledge is what is written in God's Word, and that the most terrible
ignorance is the ignorance of what is written there, I think this may be what happened.

Aurora is only a few miles from Columbine...
When Rachel Teafatiller prayed about that tragedy, (she asked) 

"Lord, couldn't you have stopped that?"
"No. They have put me out of the schools," she heard.  But then she was impressed how people could stop such tragedies in their realms of authority by applying the blood. For instance, if they circled their schools in the mornings, drawing a blood line, nothing could happen there.

I think that what happened at Columbine was the result of demon activity in the two killers.
The two young murderers died physically and left earth. 

The demons that drove them were already the spiritually dead.  They did not, however, leave the earth.  Nor the area.

I believe that unhindered by those who could have bound them, they entered James Holmes.
Their methods of evil operation and murder were the same.

Candace Brim, Chip's wife, called me after she'd spend time in prayer the morning
after the theater massacre. She'd received the following from the Lord:

"I have My people positioned in places for purpose of protecting....
Protection through the blood.
You live in a town or an area not by chance but because you are called as a soldier is called into are you.
Pray over your area
Surround it with My protection
Don't grow weary for in due season you will see My Glory.
It is important you do not grow weary in what I have called you to do.
Take your seat as a soldier for Me
Strap on your armor of prayer and cover your area.
It is time to step up to a new level in Me in prayer for Satan knows his time is short.
For I am coming
My time is near
Take your seat
Position in Me

(after that came out in the HS, I just had a knowing that Satan is increasing his level of battle, therefore we must increase our level of battle)"

If you do not have Authority of the Believer by MacMillan, please get it and do page 27 every morning.
Also, my book, The Blood and the Glory.
We have both books. Just go to our web page.

Thank the Lord, He has in the earth a Prayer Force.
We are praying for the families. For the comfort of the Holy Spirit.
And we are taking our places at the right hand of the Father
over our realms of authority.

Love in Him,
Billye Brim

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coming to America, Coming to Christ

Neil Diamond wrote a song called "Coming to America."  It is about the immigrants who came to find Liberty and Freedom here.  Traveling away from all that was known to them, they pushed on to meet their dream face to face.

 I have been reminded of this song lately.  Tonight my girlfriend and I were talking about it, and I played the song for her.  The following conversation took place as she spoke with deep passion and then we shared back and forth and I meditated on the conversation:

America- our forefathers and ancestors struggled and faced such adversity to get here and to travel westward.  They faced such uncertainties and danger around every bend, and yet they pushed forward.  Many died along the way.  Yet they felt the reward of FREEDOM and religious liberty outweighed any risk. America- My Country tis of Thee sweet land of Liberty! They HAD to come they had to risk, the dream and desire was greater than anything else they knew.

OH that WE as the BODY of CHRIST-as CHRISTIANS, would hold that appeal to the world!  That the deep burning desire would be such that people would say,"I MUST find a Christian who can tell me about, can lead me to this JESUS CHRIST that they serve!"  That we would portray Christ in such a way that HE would be irresistible to the world. 

They are searching, they are dying and they don't even KNOW that there is ONE and ONLY ONE WAY, ONE NAME above all others, ONE PERSON, that holds the keys to LIFE and DEATH. That ONE PERSON, that ONE NAME, that ONE TRUTH is JESUS CHRIST and HE IS GOD and HE IS RETURNING for a spotless BRIDE!

Instead of singing they're coming to America, TODAY!  We need to be singing, prophesying and praying it through, "They're Coming to CHRIST, TODAY! For though I LOVE AMERICA, My HOME is in HEAVEN, My CITIZENSHIP is there, MY origination began there in God's own heart and it there (In communion with HIS HEART) that I find my place, my purpose, my peace!  It is where you and all mankind will find theirs as well, if they will but come.

THIS is what people need to know! There is a journey made with the heart. A journey of Faith and Trust. Just like Father Abraham made.  That if we are to "come home" and "find ourselves," that each one of us must make.   It is a journey to the cross, and to the heart of God, where we discover HIS AMAZING LOVE for each of us! 

Think about it. ALL other religions and gods DEMAND so much before they "may" give the person even an acknowledgement!  But only in Christianity and Judaism do we find a LOVING,GOD who loved us FIRST and GAVE before we ever even thought about giving HIM anything!

Coming to AMERICA was synonymous with coming to worship GOD freely. coming to share in the BLESSING that GOD has made America to be!  

I believe and therefore I speak: America Shall return to her CHRISTIAN HERITAGE! She SHALL once again "send the Gospel Light" clear and far!
Red, White and Blue, I declare to you GOD, America is FOR YOU!  America SHALL be Saved! 

Just as they are coming to America every time the Flag is unfurled, they are coming to YOU Almighty God and Creator of the Universe, the Maker of our World!

They are coming to Jesus Christ, they are coming to Jesus Christ, they are coming to Jesus Christ, TODAY!  Hallelujah! Amen.

Enjoy this video I found online and envision with me, as many coming to Christ that have come to America! That many and MORE!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Long May Freedom Ring!

She's a Grand Ole Flag
My Country Tis of Thee
America The Beautiful
My Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Songs from yester year, 
when we were Proud to be Americans, 
and celebrating that we are here.  

Remembering every battle and fight we'd ever lost or won. 
And recognizing we owe Allegiance 
to both America and the Holy One.

Restore unto us thankful hearts 
that recognize Freedom isn't free, 
it cost the blood of men and women 
just like you and me. 

May we ever be guardians of the 
sacred trust placed into our hands, 
the miracle called America
home of the free and the brave of the Land.

America! God breathed and birthed you,
 in and through the hearts of men
Over tyranny and injustice 
You've called us to fight and win.

The battle for Freedom still rages today, 
as others come along to try
to take that Freedom away. 

But our Freedom is based on principles 
found in God's own Word. 
This is the Freedom that truly free men 
have tasted, seen and heard!

Stand strong America! Stand firm! 
Do not give up, do not back down or 
from our Christian foundations turn, 
for if you do,our beloved REPUBLIC will burn.
Come back to your purpose America
Don't you know God is not finished with you yet?  
He has plans for you still!  
God is calling, are you willing 
to yet be, that Light upon the hill? 
© NEM 7-4-2012