Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hungry For You

40 day fast- How hungry were you Jesus?
More hungry to pursue Father than flesh.
More hungry for His Kingdom, than your own.

What choices did you make as a
younger man that helped you crucify
your flesh, LONG before you ever
hung on that cross?

When was your defining moment?
At what point in your "human"
existence did you know?
Or did you always know?
You were God, but became flesh- just a baby-
but not "just." So when DID you know?

Our first peek at you "beyond babyhood" was age 12.
At the yearly pilgrimage to Jerusalem for the Feast. While
everyone else left, you stayed in the temple, asking, seeking, knocking...

We know you were a man of prayer...

And you've made the way for us to come into
God's Presence with you.
But what did you do (or not do)in those times of prayer?
How did YOU pray? What did you pray?

You gave us a model when the disciples asked,
"teach us to pray."

You taught:

Relationship ---Our Father
Position ---Who art in Heaven
Respect ---Hallowed be Thy Name
Expectation ---Thy Kingdom come
Consecration ---Thy Will be done
Outreach --- on Earth
Authority --- as it is in Heaven
Dependence --- Give us this day
Provision --- our daily bread
Repentance --- Forgive us our trespasses(debts)
Forgiveness ---even as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Preservation ---And lead us not into temptation
Sanctification --- but deliver us from evil
Worship --- For thine is the Kingdom, and the Glory, and the Power
Kingdom ---for ever and ever, world without end. Amen.

And all of this flowed out of your quiet time of fellowship
with your Father- no! OUR Father.

Oh Lord! Teach us relationship!
Teach us Fellowship with You!