Sunday, June 30, 2013

Passion's Dance With Fire's Flame

Passion and Fire You give to me
Open my eyes Lord,  that I may see
More of Your Glory revealed to me
More of Your Character perfected in me.

Lord, it’s all about You
Not about me-
Except that I’m seeking more of You
Because I’m so hungry for Thee.

You’ve called me and
Sent me,yes it’s true
But Lord the more I go
The more I know- 
It’s all about me and You!

For I have not a thing in which to share
Unless You my Lord put it there.
The call, the mission, my destiny-
Takes more of You having all of me.

The sweetest Dance
Is made just for two
It’s the Dance of Fir-
Passion’s Flame-it’s just me and You.

Born in the crucible of its flame
“To know You” I cry, again and again.
My life’s a journey I want to live with passionate flame
To know You, my Lord, is my burning desire-
my only aim.

In that place of desire and intimacy,
You reveal the dreams that You have for me.
Plans and dreams you’ve designed-
Lovingly fashioned with me in mind.

And so I’ll dance to the song You sing;
For Your song gives Life to everything.
And in Your arms I’m truly free
As You call- “Come Dance on Eagles Wings with Me.”

It’s the Dance of the Bridegroom with His Bride
Please teach me Lord how to rule and reign 
at Your side.
You’re a Servant King, so that’s how I must be
Ruling and reigning in life through Love’s Victory.

©NEM June 25, 2013


Unknown said...

Lovely and inspiring. Lets ride on Eagles wings. Glory to God.

joseph said...

It is very good. God bless you.