Thursday, July 4, 2013


Bought with blood spent
Lives lived and given for what they believed
Tears shed unashamed
Prayers prayed in Heaven's name

Holy Fervor to be free
To stand in perfect Liberty
Throwing off governmental constraints
That would dictate to me how,when and where to pray!

History being rewritten 
To try and Hide
The Truth for which our 
Founding Fathers fought and died.

True freedom emanating 
from Christ's Bleeding side
Liberating once and for all
Earth and all of mankind!

Created in His image
Created He man
With Love in His heart
And a cool, steady hand.

Fashioned from Earth's own clay
He put them in the garden to stay
Be fruitful, multiply and reign
That the Earth be filled with My Glory again.

From the lofty height of simplicity
Man fell for greed and duplicity.
So Christ came and paid the way
For us to come back Home again.

America was to be a place
Where God could dwell
Lighting up men's hearts
From every mountain and every dell.

Where tyranny would be no more
And Peace would rest upon every door.
And the Milk of Christian Kindness
Would welcome the world to our shores.

Because we have a Purpose

With Prophetic Destiny
A God-given assignment
To fullfill, don't you see?

Red, White and Blue
May America choose YOU
For Righteousness exalts a nation
But sin corrupts and brings reproach upon the land.

Happy Birthday America!
Please God don't let the dream die!
Of fruited plain and gilded sky
With Old Glory unfurled and flying high!

NEM © July 4, 2013

1 comment:

Raymonda said...

Oh, Nancy…This is so FULL of Truth, straight from the heart of God…Each time I read it, there is more revelation that flows from the lines He has penned through you… If I did not KNOW God is healing our land, my heart would be shattered. But we are doing 2 Chron.7:17 and HE is Faithful to do His part… Thank you for once again letting His words flow through you.. Love you my friend…