Friday, April 3, 2009

No Place like Home part 2

Got a call from a customer yesterday, needing some assistance. As I was verifying their account they gave me their address. You will never guess where they lived. On Golden Square! I know you are thinking, so what? Tune your ears, to hear. As they gave me the address, my spirit man just went bonkers inside. I was thinking "The Wizard of Oz again!" And Heaven!

Are you living on Golden Square? Are you living within the anointing of His Call and giftings in and on your life? Have you found "your company?" Or do you feel you've been relegated to a "tent city" and are an outcast? Beloved, we are Ambassadors for Christ! Emissaries from a Heavenly Realm that is paved in gold! Remember Canaan land? Flowing with milk and honey? Everything in the natural is but a type and shadow- a glimpse of the other world that co-exists with us.

We are here, but this is not REALLY home! But just like when an Ambassador goes to a foreign land, the country (or Kingdom) that he/she is from provides for him and creates a haven for them to dwell in, in the midst of perhaps hostile lands. When we keep with our company and we flow in our giftings and we make a place for the Holy Spirit to live and a place for the Presence of God to DWELL with us, then we have a bit of HOME, a bit of Heaven on Earth.

And regardless of whether people like us or don't like us. Whether they accept us or reject us. Whether they appear to acknowledge our words or rebel. Regardless of ALL these things. Faithful is HE who called us and HE makes us more than conquerors through Christ. And if we have set our affections above, and we focus and worship the ONE who holds the keys to death and hell, and our very lives, then we have created a place that we can call home. And where others can come and be sheltered and nurtured and launched. Selah.

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