Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Father Speaks

My Children, you are fretful and concerned over many things.
Do not let multitudinous questions, scenarios and fears
cloud your eyes, or steal the JOY
that you experienced at My Son's Resurrection.

He is ALIVE! He has paved the way HOME to ME once and for all.
You are FREE to approach My Throne and find
Grace and Help in time of need.
All of Heaven is at your disposal.

As it was for Elisha so it is for you- more are they
that be with you than they that be against you.
I still have horses and Chariots of fire, and angels
enough to surround you. I've got you covered!

Go forth is confidence. Go forth in peace.
Let the Spirit lead you into all Truth,
just as My Son has said He would. It is all good!
Every good and perfect gift comes down from ME,
and there is no shadow, no darkness, there is nothing to fear,
for I AM is here with you and will be forever more.
My eagles, it is time for you to soar!

Refuse to fret.
Refuse to frown
Don't let the enemy's lies
get you down.

His words are stout
His words are strong
but he can spout them
off all the day long!

At the end of the day
when all is said and done
he's still the loser for the
battle's already been won!

Hold fast to My Word
it is sure and True
Do not fear my child
I will never let go of you!

So spread your wings
It's time to soar
Ask of the Spirit
He'll give you More!

More of My Power
More of my Love
Crave for More of Me
And you shall Rise above.

Ask me, and I will tell you things that
you don't know and can't find out.
Great and mighty things, fenced in and hidden,
which you do not know (do not distinguish and recognize,
have knowledge of and understand).

Remember, it is MY good pleasure to give you the kingdom!
I delight in seeing you reign as Kings and Priests.
Please ask of Me!


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