Saturday, March 31, 2012

Faith versus Fear-Fly with Eagles Wings

"Fear opposes faith. You place limits on your faith so I take you as far as your limits. Have I been faithful to lead you thus far?"  (GOD)
Quote tweeted by Sandy Warner

"Fear freezes faith. Time to adjust your wings eagles!"  
Pastor Rusty Bowles
"Your Destiny is not anchored in your past."  
Pastor Rusty Bowles
"Mr Can't never did anything anyway."
Sally King-My girlfriend's Mom
"Even God has trouble driving a parked car!"
Nancy Hartman Minor (God told me this when I was 20.)

Word of The Lord:
Fear clouds your eyes and heart.  Faith gives you the
ability to see the possibilities! Come fly with Me. Soar on the 
Updraft of My Love. Rise up above the storms. Even as  My Word 
says they shall MOUNT UP with eagles wings... Isaiah 40:31
To "mount up" means to get on top of and ride like a rider upon a horse. 
It means to use a negative to spring board up and over, like a gymnast. 
To mount up means to ascend, to rise above. It means to fly into the face of the storm and to use it to your own advantage to go higher and higher.

Have I not said, I have seated you in heavenly places with Christ Jesus?  
My son broke the barriers and chains that would hold you back. He looked 
Fear in the face and cut off its head! So when it comes rages at you like a flood threatening to overwhelm and swamp you... remember it is a headless rider that has already been defeated.  So pick up your Sword and shield of Faith and knock him off his high horse!  

Beloved you dwell too much in the realm of feelings.  Regardless of how you "feel" or how it "seems,"  you must position yourself upon My Word and not be moved!

There will be those who will rail against you for taking such a stance.  Pay them no mind.  It will be to you they come to in the midst of their next storm, seeking your prayers and Godly advice!  There will be those who scoff and scorn, but secretly they hope for more and yearn to have what you have!  As much as they try to knock you off course, inside they are hoping you will stand and show them Me.

Beloved, number your days in such a way, that they see Me at the beginning, and the end and all the way through. For I hold you in My hand and watch the unfolding of My plan for you and it is my very Life that sees your through.  In ME you live. In ME you find breath and purpose. In Me is positioned your very BEING. 

ALL things are held together in Me.  When you feel like your world is falling apart... know it is just a little re arranging taking place.  Make room for My Glory.  Look to Me and be lightened, be settled and established.  Just as My Word is forever settled in Heaven, it must be forever settled in your heart and then when the enemy comes you too will say, the prince of this world comes but he has nothing in me. (John 14:30)

Beloved, rise up to the upward call. Just as I called to John to come up higher, I am beckoning to you.  There is much yet to do, and yet in a little while it shall be done!  Keep looking for the Glory of My Son! And as you spend that time looking into My Word, you will see more and more of His Likeness unfolding in thee, setting you free, to come and soar on the wings of faith in the heavenlies!

NEM © 2012

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