Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Receive A Word Given

The Word of God instructs us to believe God's Prophets and we will prosper.

However, there are things that we must do on our part. First we must pray and ask the Lord to make our hearts fertile soil. Next pray for revelation and understanding of the Word. Not every Prophet is your prophet, and not every Word is meant for you.

But Apostle Bobbie Jean Merck made this statement: If you can believe it for your self, you can receive it, even if it was meant for somebody else! Discern the Word given by the Spirit of God. In other words you must check your preconceived notions and traditions of man in order to receive from God. All Words must line up with scripture. But just because it doesn't say it verbatim, does not mean the Word is unscriptural. Example is the word "Rapture" which is not in the Bible, but the word "Catching Away" is. An example of someone receiving something that was not specifically for them is the Greek, who was a Syrophenician woman with a sick child. (Mark 7: 26-30) Jesus told her plainly he had only come to Israel at that point. But she persisted and kept believing and her son was healed.

If you look for a "quick fix" or a "formula " to work, no Word of God is going to work for you. And then you are going to be mad at the Prophet who gave it. But if you do your part- make sure you are obedient to the written Word, have no hidden sin in your heart or life, and have an ongoing relationship with the Author and Finisher of your Faith, then you will be able to receive the Word with gladness and see it manifest.

With that said, now, I want to give you some direction & some background on the Word I posted on the blog recently. Tithing and giving are not being replaced by a willy-nilly get rich or get out of debt wish. I know for a fact of people who are tithers and givers and are in circumstances that are NOT of their own making. And then there are folks who kinda got themselves into a mess, but have repented and are trusting God to get out of it. But sometimes people can get into a situation where they feel like they "deserve" the mess they are in. And so a stronghold is set up.

Strongholds are anything that keep you bound, keep the Word from manifesting in your life. Some are demonic, some are bad choices or wrong thinking that you keep making over and over. But if you give it to God and truly repent and let Him come in and change you and help you, those strongholds have GOT to GO!

God is God. He chooses who or what to use and how to use someone. He used a donkey to speak to Balaam and Balaam was a prophet! God isn't going to seek your permission to bring you a Word. Jesus didn't seek permission to visit Israel. He just came in the fullness of time. Sometimes your "due season" may surprise you! And the way it is ministered may surprise you. Jesus didn't fit anybody's cookie cutter of how a Messiah "ought to be." So you best check your paradigms at the door and let God be God and let Him speak and move on your behalf as HE sees fit.

Receive the Word of the Lord and let it work in your life and for you and through your life and watch how HE will prosper you!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Financial Straight-Jackets being broken off


I see, in the spirit, financial straitjackets holding people back in this day. This has been confirmed by more than one source. This morning I am on fire about this and God has given me some direction about it. It is to that end that I send this email. He told me to speak to the principalities and powers that put these jackets on His people.

I speak to the institutions that put these straitjackets on people right now and I declare that these people are not deserving of being bound in their finances. I speak to the principalities right now and I take the authority I have in Jesus to declare freedom.

Strongholds must fall and these jackets be loosed. I speak to the authorities over these straitjackets in the mighty name of Jesus and I tell you loose the bonds! Loose the strings that are keeping them bound. Unties the key strings that they can be free.

I speak to those who are bound. Rise up and shake off the bondages as Samson did. As you rise up the spirit of the Lord will rise with you with healing in His wings.

Shake of the apparent and take hold of the invisible. Today is your day.

I speak protection over all of the givers, the financiers, and the paymasters. The blessing of the Lord is upon you. I speak protection to all those who have helped this ministry now or in the past. I speak recovery for all that has been stolen or hidden away from you. I speak a 1000 fold blessing on all that have been providers during this time and in the future

In the mighty name of Jesus.

Pastor Rusty Bowles

Church of the Latter Rain

1456 Beltline #139

Garland TX 75044

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Don't Relent until You Have it all Lord

IS my heart yours Lord?
May this be our heart's cry. May our hearts really belong to Him...
Don't relent until You have it all. All of me Lord... come be the flame upon my heart.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Unequally Loved

My friend Prophet Gene posted an exhortation on Being Unequally yoked and then God had me comment on it. Below is both posting and comment.

I call my comment Unequally loved...

The word talks some about equality in Yoking. There is such a thing as being Unequally yoked. Now, that's not a bad thing if in the yoking one is strong where the other is weak and vice versa. But, in faith, in ethics, in convictions and in vision, the yoking must be equal. That's true in marriage, in Ministry, In Business and even in intimate friendships. If you are unequally yoked, one will draw on the other. That will cause deterioration. You have seen the woman with a heart towards God become entangled unequally with someone who took them into deep sin. In business where a partner yokes with someone who is unethical. In ministry where the vision is to elevate man above GOD. I just had a negative experience in becoming nearly unequally yoked with a man in a business relationship where it would have been parasitic. I'm not interested. Sometimes you have to know when to hold em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to run. I didn't run, I just walked away.

Good for you to recognize and desire God over mammon. God will honor that. Another Word about Unequal Yoking from a different view. That of Christ married to the backslider. That of Christ and the Bride of Christ and then we look at ourselves and if we are HONEST, we see our flaws our downfalls, the sin that so easily besets us... and YET Christ our Lover woos us, YET HE comes to us again and again... Yet He tells us ( if we have ears to hear) How beautiful we are...How much HE loves us, desires us, sees us as we yet do not see ourselves. Talk about unequally yoked! And yet He stays.

Kathy Trocolli sings a song called Stubborn Love. Oh may we not just be recipients of His Stubborn Love, but may we be CARRIERS of it, infecting many!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Unity In The Community Celebration

Pastor Rusty Bowles (my Dad!) was asked to pray and open the annual meeting for Unity in the Community, in Garland, TX.

That meeting was tonight with many different churches/denominations in attendance. Here in its entirety is the prayer that Holy Spirit led him to pray.

May the convicting and confronting power of Almighty God flow to everyone who reads it. May we drop our petty differences, our likes and dislikes, our traditions that build barriers instead of bridges of understanding. May we each be confronted with things in our own hearts that do not line up with TRUTH; if there be pettiness, smallness of mind, jealousy, competition, insecurities, fears, prejudices, doubt and ugliness of attitude. May we run to the Cross and tie ourselves to HIM who bore our sins and took away our reproach and shame. May we lay aside selfish ambition and self promotion for KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT instead. May we be GOD MINDED and not "me-minded. " Help us to seek not just your face or your hand of blessing, but to seek your heart. Let us Love in Word and in Deed.
Let it begin with me. Amen? Amen!

"Invocation for Unity In The Community Celebration"
9/20/2009 6PM
Mount Hebron Baptist Church

As a sign of unity would everyone please stand and join hands

Father as we humbly come before you to seek your face, help us to be of one mind and one spirit. We are reminded of that awesome day of Pentecost recorded in the second chapter of Acts when your disciples came into one mind and one accord, tremendous power was released and your church was birthed. Help us now to join hand in hand and arm in arm to come together to see our community grow in unity. Father let this not be a mere function or just a joyous meeting time. Release it to be a new birthing and new beginnings for all involved as you bring every church represented here corporately under your guidance and direction. We may each see your diamonds from different angles and catch fleeting glimpses of different reflections but permit us the grace to step back from our position of close focus and see the entire gem. Let us be truly joined in the Spirit not just in word where we come together annually to profess something and then promptly forget our reflection as we leave here. Burn into each one of us our brother’s concerns, problems, strengths, hopes and fears. Help us Lord Jesus to lift each other up in Your kingdom for it is Your kingdom and not ours. We humbly call on the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct everything that goes on here tonight. Every word, thought or action is given over into your excellent care. Speak to our hearts and cause us each to answer the call from the throne to love one another and by that demonstrate that we are your disciples. We come from different backgrounds and cultures but permit us to be of one heart as the mind of Christ is formed within us. Father, grant us temperance with one another, forbearance in all things and your love flowing through these earthen vessels. We, as humans, cannot do this by ourselves as evidenced by the many arenas in our nation and the world where your love does not abound, but with your love and guidance all things are possible. King of the Universe accept our prayers and petitions on this day of unity and help us O Lord Jesus to be what you have ordained and established us to be in this hour. Cover us with your precious blood and let us be an example and witness to other communities, cities and municipalities that unity is not only possible but desirable in order to move forward in this hour of trial and struggle in our nation. We plant this seed in fertile ground and with your help we will see it grow, blossom and produce much fruit. We consecrate this solemn assembly under Your mighty hand while under the covenant in your blood and in the precious and mighty name of Jesus our Lord we pray.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fire Fall

Let the Fire Fall,
rain from Heaven's Throne,
cleanse my heart and
make it Your Own!

Selfish dreams
no more for me,
Only your Glory
I want to see

I've turned my back
and walked away
on everything
called Yesterday.

For YOU alone
I crave to know
Let me hear
Your Heart's Flow.

Call to me
and I will run
Our lover's Journey
Had just begun!

© NEM 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bright Lights and Pure Water

I entitled this post "Bright Lights and Pure Water", because we are called to be Lights shining in the darkness and purveyors of Living Water.  With that in mind, please read on!

Sue Knauff is a carrier of the Glory, a pure vessel and a Prophet. She is also my friend. I am privileged. She recently held a Conference and has given me permission to post her journal notes. I trust that you will read it with an uncluttered mind and heart and be blessed. Nancy

Sharing About The Breaking Free Conference in Oberlin Ohio.... My notes.... by Susan Knauff

As many of you know we just had The Breaking Free Conference. The amazing photo that was captured when Hope Reeder stood on the platform where Charles Finney ministered. (You can view the photo in my photos on my page) What an amazing event! God had it all planned. His beautiful and perfect timing! Many have asked me for more information about this conference, and what led us to have it. We live very near Oberlin, Ohio where Charles Finney ministered and is buried. The church remains virtually unchanged. The Lord showed me this city and how the wells of old were still here but simply needed just a little "re-digging." We have been on this incredible journey and while so many have asked for me to post more about the conference here and what took place, I also felt led to give a bit of history of my own walk with the Lord. For those of you who are interested, here are some of my notes on this amazing conference and the journey that led up to it.

For many years now the Lord has laid upon my heart the Oberlin, Ohio region. I have always been drawn to this small quaint college town and have always felt some kind of connection to it. I was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio which is a nearby city but it wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that the Lord really placed a desire to go to Oberlin within my heart. My husband Mark and I would often visit Oberlin and have coffee there. We always loved it there and we were never sure why. When we were expecting our daughter Cassidy to be born, we planned for her to enter this world from Allen Memorial Hospital in Oberlin, Ohio. We could have chosen a more state of the art hospital, but I felt that I was to give birth to Cassidy there. On May16, 1996 Cassidy Marie Knauff entered this world with the assistance of a Midwife and I watched in amazement as she stepped out of the way to let my husband be the first to touch and guide our daughter into this world.

God next led Mark and I on an incredible journey of seeing our home and land and lives redeemed by the power of the Lord and then had taken us into more of His Glory showing us miracles, signs and wonders. He specifically handed the two of us a staff. I saw it being handed down to us from heaven in a vision and we symbollically reached up and and took the staff from the hand of the Lord. He said, “You are to lead the modern day people out of the modern day bondages.” While I had served the Lord in the Baptist faith for most of my adult life, I knew that I "knew" things ahead of time and that I saw things in the spirit. But it was after the staff that was passed to us that we entered a time of training and then an intense time of study on spiritual warfare, deliverance and the prophetic for a period of about 3 years. We served the Lord in any way that we could, often being called into homes to pray.

Ten years later, in 2006, we were called to serve in a local church that moved its ministry to Oberlin Ohio. In the ministry I served on the five fold ministry staff as prophet and also did a lot of administration work. Thus began my research of Oberlin Ohio and its history and the role that Charles Finney played in revival and digging the wells long ago. I studied old photographs of the city and saw the African Americans in many of the photos and one photo in particular that I found was one of a woman crossing the street carrying a basket on her arm. I instantly was moved to tears at my computer screen because God showed me His heart for the people. For the first time in my life the sufferings of slavery became so real to me and I saw the heartache and misery that these people encountered at the hands of others and yet the Lord allowed me to see that the people as a whole kept their focus on the Lord and looked to Him for freedom. Oberlin was part of the Underground Railroad and that freedom that so many fought and died for became a reality to me on that day as I realized that Oberlin provided for many of them a safe haven, a place of rest along the way, a place that welcomed them.

The Lord next led me on a journey of the city and I researched and toured and examined many of the buildings in town. I was shown the ugly side of the city and the Lord exposed to me the places were the satanists and witches gathered. I would later take a team in to pray over the area and many of us were prayer walking and proclaiming the city unto God once again.

The Lord led me to Finney’s gravesite and then to First Church and God placed a word within my spirit. Here it is…

For the Lord said

REVIVAL is in the wind

A path walked but not over taken.

Gates of hell to be broken

and torn down.

My hand, says the Lord,

overturns the days of old.

Stirring up the things

within that were

planted long ago.

In the days of old

it was prophesied that you would come.

I have claimed this land as mine

and it is my heritage, says the Lord.

You will walk the lands and reclaim

what was originally spoken to be mine.

I will revive the long buried fires of revival

and the coal is still hot.

Only My wind and My breath upon it,

is all that is needed to revive it, says God.

Right on this very land people are destined to come

and relay the Word of God to the people.

The Holy Ghost will sweep this very land and

many will come to know the Lord.

I will take my people to new areas of awareness.

Behold I make an old thing new.

Holy Fire Falls

The caps on the wells have opened

Revival Fire and Water are spewing forth.

The flame is burning brighter.

God told me that Oberlin was an Epicenter…a place to touch every nation. The Lord allowed me to see First Church as it was in the day of Finney. There were people on their feet shouting and lifting their hands to God in true excitement and joy. When I first opened the door beneath the platform where Finney's intercessor Daniel Nash would go to pray, I was hit with the residual power of prayer that remains inside that place and I dropped to my knees. Finney would stomp on the platform during ministry for an indication to Nash that more prayer was needed.

In 2006, God had me connect with a friend who lived in Reading, PA. We spoke on the phone of how Finney had ministered at First Church there and also in Oberlin. The Lord impressed upon us to go and stand while on the phone on the steps of both places, I in Oberlin and she in Reading. While standing on the steps we proclaimed that the wells would be reopened. After a long time of prayer together via phone, I looked at my cell phone and it was after midnight, on May 16, 2006. I heard the voice of the Lord say within my spirit, ‘You gave natural birth in this city 10 years ago. Tonight you helped birth something in the spirit.’

Part of my role in the ministry that I was serving in was helping to plan a conference in Oberlin, Ohio once a year. The morning of the first conference, I had a dream that God was taking His finger and sky writing the names of the states in the sky. I saw in particular the names of Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and there were others.

Over those next three years 2006, 2007, & 2008, this conference was a large part of my ministry role there. I connected with other ministers in other states and I networked. I met with people on the campus of Oberlin and rented some of the facilities on campus. In 2006, the conference was hosted at Hall Auditorium. In 2007 & 2008 the pastor decided to cut some of the costs involved and we were able to acquire an old unused outdoor ice rink. The conference was held there for those two years. In 2008, we added to the conference the addition of break out training sessions. Through the college, we were able meet in some of the lecture rooms used by the professors. The first class that we held in one of the lecture rooms, was learning The Song of the Lord. It was taught by myself and Irene Tennier of Canada who flowed in prophetic song as well. As I played keyboard and she led in song and instructed and invited others to come up and sing, we were all in tears at the beautiful words flowing forth from God through the people. It was at that time, that the Lord showed me how much ground we had gained. We were back to using the college campus and facility for the instruction and impartation to others that Charles Finney fought so hard to maintain there. The college had turned away from what it was originally supposed to be used for but God was leading people once again and they had received instruction and impartation and release on that land once again. I shared with the pastor that I felt the Lord directing that we must be careful to always incorporate training into the conference and to use those grounds, those classrooms, to do it on.

I will leave out some of the details here, but to condense, the ministry we were serving in pulled the conference back out of Oberlin and made many changes and basically the Lord called us out of that ministry that we were serving in. It was a difficult decision to leave but one we knew we had to make. Mark and I still had our own ministry which we had laid down in order to serve fully in this place. I knew we were to pick up the ministry again and that we were to move forward once again. For years the Lord had laid a women’s conference on my heart. We updated our ministry records and met with the board and stated our plans to move forward in what God had called us to do. I knew I could host something quaint and small at The Oberlin Inn. I felt that stirring in my spirit again and looked at the calendar and felt the end of August would be a good time to have it. I began to seek the Lord for more direction. To leave this ministry was emotional, but after 4 and ½ years of serving, and 3 of which were in Oberlin, we knew clearly that it was time to go.

From that moment on, doors opened for our ministry and we instantly were called to the east coast in North Carolina and to Pennsylvania and God had us research the land and the walk of our forefathers in this land. He showed us the wells of old and the seeds planted long ago. I was invited to open up the Pennsylvania State Senate in prophetic prayer. It was such an honor to speak for the Lord and to re-declare the land unto the Lord once again. Yet, the Lord would speak to me and say, “Do not forsake the vision for Oberlin that is planted within you.”

I had met Hope Reeder on Facebook during the time that we were sensing the Lord calling us out of that ministry we were serving in and shortly after meeting her that door closed for us completely. The thing that drew me to Hope was simply the photo of the Blue Lion on her profile photo. I sent her a friend request and she accepted. While I don’t often get on the chat very often, this one evening I happened to have it open and noticed that Hope was online. I said hello. Her first response to me was, “Oh, you are another lion!” I immediately found myself led of the Lord to share with her this Oberlin and the history of Finney here and the women’s conference that I was planning to host. God showed me to ask her to come and she stated that it had been prophesied that she carries a Finney anointing and that she had been to the Daniel Nash property recently. We shared stories of Daniel Nash and how he prayed and I shared with Hope the small door that led beneath the platform where Nash would go and intercede for Finney. Charles Finney would stomp his foot when he needed more prayer and Nash would step up the prayer. Hope felt she was to come.

The conference was planned for August 28th and 29th, 2009. Renting the conference room at the Oberlin Inn was an easy task and one I had been trained in and was very familiar with. I next began to seek the Lord for the schedule. Knowing that this was about Breaking Free, I incorporated women into the sessions who had such testimonies of breaking free in Jesus, yet in my spirit I knew that there was a greater Breaking Free that would occur in the spirit. I knew that as Hope was to be the main speaker at the conference that God would use her to help initiate a breakthrough force in something that God had planned to do and had set out to do years ago.

Before the Breaking Free Conference, I started receiving prophetic words. I received three in a 24 hour period from three separate people. They all said, “You have the BREAKER anointing. The ability to go into a place and break the ice in the spirit realm so that God’s Will and His purpose can be done.” Again confirming the very name we had chosen for this conference “The Breaking Free Conference”.

I knew in the schedule that others would be coming who would want to tour First Church where Charles Finney ministered. About a week before the conference, I called the church to mention to them that I was bringing in a group on Saturday August 29th to tour the facility and was simply double checking to make sure that they would be open. It left them a bit baffled because it is a historical building and they like to leave it open for the public yet they were closed on Saturdays. The secretary put me on hold and came back to say, “We have a solution. Why don’t we just give you the key?” I stopped in to pick up the key and thanked the woman, telling her that I was surprised that they do this. She said we had freedom to browse around and look at the rooms and they were pleased to be able to help out. The tour time was set during the lunch hour from 12:00 – 2:00 PM. God was orchestrating.

I was amazed beyond words when Hope next connected me with Bill and Rita Gamela who own the Daniel Nash property in New York. Rita and Hope and I had many conversations in one day via email about the connection that God was making to join the Daniel Nash and Finney wells once again and to have them represented at this conference. Rita also shared the significance of her heritage from the Welsh Revival and I knew people were also coming to the conference who owned Moravian land in Pennsylvania and we had just prayed over that land for those seeds of prayer to come forth. Hope mentioned that they owned Moravian land as well. It was incredible! Our minds could not comprehend the magnitude of that which God was orchestrating. We were all in amazement that day.

The Word of the Lord that I kept sharing through out our time ministering in North Carolina and Pennsylvania was that the land was groaning because the prayers and the seeds planted by our forefathers long ago were now springing up to life and that the seed was still alive. My Jesus! Have you ever planted something and thought were is the plant that is supposed to spring forth from this seed? Did it die in the ground completely? Then suddenly you awaken to find a plant has shot up from the dirt? This is the time we are in. The seeds are still alive.

I found myself being awakened in the night at strange times, such as 3:33 AM and 4:44 AM and would get up and seek the Lord. I had also been sharing the word about the seeds where I ministered and then the time came for us to go and open up the prayer at the Pennsylvania State Senate Meeting. The night before I was to do so, a dear friend of ours, Pastor Michael Zechman said to me, “I think you need to see this.” He placed within his DVD player a video that began to play. It was from PA Awake! It started by showing people being awakened in the night hours. 3:33 AM to be exact. They would suddenly be awakened by God and they started to gather in the video. It said “The seed is still alive.” William Penn had declared Pennsylvania “A seed unto a nation, dependant upon Holy men of God.” The video ended with people standing outside of the PA Capital Building, the very building that I would step into the next morning, by the precious invitation of Senator Stuart Greenleaf. God in all of His completeness and Glory, suddenly puts it all together for you and you realize why you have met the people you have met, why you have dreamed the dreams that you have, why you were led to take the steps that you have taken. Only God can orchestrate lives like this!

When Hope and Roger Reeder arrived in Oberlin Ohio, on Friday afternoon we took them to First Church. I watched Hope stand on the platform that Charles Finney stood on. I knew within my very spirit that God wanted her to say something, to minister something, to share something the next day, Saturday at noon, during what we called “the tour” of First Church (God was smiling the whole time and calling it “the meeting”.) When I explained how God just had them give me the key to the church, she stated, “This is a secret divine set-up by God.”

Friday night Hope ministered at The Oberlin Inn and she called Mark and I and Bill Gamela up to have us join hands and to connect these two wells once again. She gave us keys. I realized that it was prophesied 4 years prior that God was giving keys to the city and that Mark and I had some of those keys. It was a confirming and powerful word. Bill presented Mark with a stone from the property of Daniel Nash and we agreed we must stay in touch as God had brought us all together.

What I thought would be a small women’s conference, instead turned into a glorious and divine meeting by invitation only of the Most High God. He knew exactly who He wanted to be there and He knew exactly what was to occur.

On Saturday we all walked over to First Church and a dear friend of ours Don Davies said to me “I thought it was so neat how you planned this on Charles Finney’s birthday!” I said, “What did you say?” He said, “Today is Finney’s birthday, didn’t you know?” I think you could have picked up my jaw off the floor. We walked over to tell Hope and she smiled with the same look of shock and said, “What did you say?”

While we waited to begin the meeting, some of Hope’s family arrived. They had traveled from Michigan to be with us in the conference and to see Hope and Roger again. We walked to the back so that I could show them and Bill Gamela the door that led beneath the platform. When Bill entered the cubby beneath the platform and began to laugh at the presence of God and to pray and when Hope’s cousin Rev. Eugene Colegrove stood at the door and began to groan in the spirit, the vision of the names of the states being written in the sky 4 years ago came back to me. I sank to my knees. I saw them once again. Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. Michigan (Hope’s family who came with a burning purpose to Break Free into more of God) New York (Bill and Rita Gamela and the Daniel Nash well) Pennsylvania (the Moravian land and seeds of prayer and seeds of William Penn)…. JESUS!!!!!

I sent someone out to tell Hope that Bill was praying beneath the platform and Hope began to minister. I made it out in time to see her lift her umbrella (as Charles Finney did long ago) and ask the people “Where is your faith?” Long ago a drought ended at this man’s proclamation of truth and faith and I believe with all my heart and spirit that another kind of drought ended in the city of Oberlin on August 29, 2009. Hope cried a message of a return to “Holiness” from the platform and shouted out “Happy Birthday Charles Finney!” There was not a dry eye in the place as we all went into intercession and many of prayed freedom and Breaking Free over that church. I walked and prayed and had my eyes closed and at one point I felt a bright light enter the church and I could see the light through my closed eyelids. I lifted my head towards the Light and I let the presence of God sweep over me. I knew the light of God entered that place.

I snapped some photos from cell phone. I have a black and white setting that I can choose on my settings and I chose it because I thought it would be neat to compare the old black and white photos in that church from long ago with those in today’s times.

We all left that conference knowing that God had hand selected us all to participate in a BIRTHDAY party….a divine meeting….a gathering of common vision and purpose in Him….a monumental historical event at His invitation only for those that hear His voice. We knew that we would probably never understand the fullness of what had occurred that day until we got to heaven.

When I went home the day after the conference I started receiving emails and text messages and phone calls from people about how they felt the light of God enter First Church. Some had the same experience that I did. They saw the light through their very eyelids and others, they said the room literally brightened and changed. I sat down and downloaded the photos to the computer I was shocked at this beautiful and bright image of an angel standing next to Hope Reeder. I wept at the computer and my dear husband Mark said, “OH MY! OH MY!” This precious photo will go down in history. I know it. When others saw it they said amazing and undeniable. My sister tried to take the photo and alter it in a Photoshop program. No matter how much she tried to darken the photo, the image only appeared brighter and brighter. The image of the angel could not be darkened.

At this time, I must share with you a clip from the autobiography of Charles Finney. While I have faced persecution and accusation in simply obeying the voice of the Lord, I went back and read some of Finney’s profound statements. I had copied and pasted them into my computer database four years ago. I saved one statement and titled it “The Light Will Return”. Finney had faced much opposition and yet he knew what God had accomplished within this great city. Today, as I have seen the darkness that has tried to engulf it and cover up the rich heritage of God, Finney’s own words bring me comfort and show me exactly WHY that angel appeared at First Church. Please read Finney’s own statement below...

The extent to which opposition to Finney at length subsided, and the degree to which the real merits of his work were finally appreciated, appeared preeminently at the great meeting in Oberlin in November, 1871, to organize the National Triennial Congregational Council. This meeting was composed of the chief representative men of the denomination from all parts of the country, and was presided over by Rev. Dr. Budington, of Brooklyn, New York. Toward the close of their deliberations Finney was able, though in his eightieth year, to address the council for an hour upon the "Endowment of the Holy Ghost." The scene has already been alluded to, and was one long to be remembered by those who witnessed it. The day after this address, when the council laid the corner-stone of the building which was to be the future home of the theological seminary, Dr. Budington closed the meeting with some brief remarks. After referring to the fact that, on the day before, they had all listened to President Finney with bated breath and swelling hearts, he added the following significant words: -

"I rejoice to stand this day upon the grave of buried prejudice. It is true that Oberlin has been a battle-cry in our ranks for a generation. It is so no longer, but a name of peace, of inspiration, and hope. What does the history of Oberlin prove but just this, - to hold sacred the individual conscience, and inviolable the liberty of the individual church? If days of darkness come, of suspicion and alienation, as sure as God's truth is great and the love of Christ pervasive, the light will return and come again with a brighter and sweeter effulgence."

This article can be found at the following link…

Although days of darkness and suspicion and alienation have come …the light has returned and come again with a brighter and sweeter effulgence. Since that precious meeting, of untold and undocumented history in God, we have truly stepped into a new realm of Glory and freedom. I can’t wait to see the rest of the story. I am certain there is still much more to be told.

In His Love,

Susan Knauff

Some Notes I Would Like to Add from the Memoirs of Charles Finney’s Ministry

Finney’s ministry consistently produced revivals, even in areas considered hardened and unreceptive to the gospel. His autobiography is filled with accounts of powerful manifestations of the Spirit.

“During these years of smoke and dust, of misapprehension and opposition, the Lord was blessing us richly within. We not only prospered in our own souls here, as a church, but we had a continuous revival, or were, in what might properly be regarded as a revival state.”

“Oberlin College students were converted by scores; and the Lord overshadowed us continually with the cloud of His mercy.

Gales of divine influence swept over us from year to year, producing abundantly the fruits of the Spirit… love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”

“I recollect the Holy Spirit fell upon the congregation in a most remarkable manner. A large number of persons dropped down their heads, and some groaned so that they could be heard throughout the house.”

“It cut up the false hopes of deceived professors on every side. Several arose on the spot, and said that they had been deceived, and that they could see wherein; and this was carried to such an extent as greatly astonished me, and indeed produced a general feeling of astonishment, I think, in the congregation.”

“The work went on with power; and old professors obtained new hopes, or were reconverted, in such numbers, that a very great and important change came over the whole community… coming manifestly into an entirely new form of Christian experience, at that time.”

The ministers almost universally arrayed themselves against Oberlin. They were deceived by the cry of antinomian perfectionism, in respect to Finney’s views of reform; and ecclesiastical bodies united, far and near, Congregational, and Presbyterian, and of all denominations. They warned their churches against Finney. They discouraged young men universally from coming to Oberlin, and still the Lord built Finney up.

“Letters were written, and ecclesiastical bodies were visited, and much pains taken to represent our views here, as entirely heretical. There seemed to be a general union of ministerial influence against us.”

“We understood very well here, what had set this on foot, and by what means all this excitement was raised. But we said nothing. We had no controversy with those Brethren. I may not enter into particulars; but suffice it to say, that the weapons that were thus formed against us, reacted most disastrously upon those who used them.”

Finney was supported with funds, better than almost any college in the West; and had by far more students, and the blessing of God had been upon him, so that his success has been wonderful.

“Now," a minister once said to Finney, "this is a perfect anomaly in the history of colleges. The opposers of Oberlin have been unfounded, and God has stood by you, and sustained you, through all this opposition, so that you have hardly felt it."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
If you wish to see photos or read more about these two women, please visit their links:

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Wedding Day Emotions

In 13 hours I will be at the church watching my son watch his beloved walk down the aisle to him. My heart is so full that my eyes are spilling over...

Your children grow and you love them so... From the time they come into your life you wonder how you could possibly be so blessed. You want to shelter them from all hurt and bad things. You want to keep them safe always.

But instead, you pray with them, counsel them and teach them to fly. You give them room to grow and learn by doing, even when you know that some of their choices may hurt both their heart and yours. But you trust them into God's keeping.

For God gives each of us the ability to choose, and waits for us to invite Him into our lives. So if God, who is our creator and loves us more than we can ever imagine, can give us such latitude, then we as parents must believe the Word of God which says, "Train up a child int he way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Even if you didn't get to do all the training, as you speak the Word it goes into operation to bring blessing and grace into your kid's lives! The Word prospers that thing whereunto you send it. So keep sending the Word into your loved ones lives!

Unlike some Mother's who feel they are "losing" their child at the altar, I am not! I am gaining so much more that I could have imagined, although Ola and I have prayed for his mate for sometime now! The reality of God's Goodness and Grace to me and to my son, is almost more than I can bear! Adele will forever be a testimony of answered prayer.

Even when you do not know HOW God can possibly do something, don't stop applying the Word and believing. Even now, God is up to something Good! Receive that Good from His hand to your heart! Thank Him for it, even before you see it. That says you are expecting it! So get ready, 'cuz it's on it's way!

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got to go get some beauty sleep! It is already tomorrow here in UK and it is a Grand Day for a Wedding! TTFN! (Ta ta for now.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Steps ordered (Still in UK)

God's economy is so amazing. You think you know why you are doing certain things, or going somewhere, and then you get into it and God show's you , "The rest of the story!" Life is full of twists and turns, that is why it is so important to make the Word an integral part of your life. Becuase HIS Word is a lamp unto our feet, so it doesn't matter how many twists and turns there are, you will never miss a beat when HE is guiding your footsteps.

This trip has been exciting and fast paced and stretching and WONDERFUL. I have spoken 3 times. Lifes have been touched fore er. I have 2 invitations to return. ! to do a 1 week conference next year! I was video taped at one church, and they hope to have it online soon!

When our steps are ordered by God, we can trust that He sees both the path and the destination and knows all diversions and delays that may be up ahead and has worked out the game plan to get you to the right place and at the right time. How freeing this kind of trust is!

He is forever faithful and gracious and loving. I remember as a baby Christian 30+ years ago crying out to God about a family member and being very concerned over somethings. I was asking a ton of questions about HOW God was going to get this person on the right track. God led me to a scripture in Thew Living Bible that said, " If God is directing you along the path, why do you question everything along the way?" That scripture has served me well, many times!

Today, I urge you to put your path into His GPS, and let the Holy Spirit guide you through the many changes along the path of life you are traveling. As Acts 16:31 Amplifed reads: "Take yourself out of your own keeping and put yourself into HIS keeping and you will be saved. And not you only, but your entire household." IT happened for me with that family member, and it will happen for you too.

God Bless, and God Guide you.

Love, Nancy