Thursday, June 4, 2009

Self Religion

I was helping someone fill out an online form today and as I was reading it I came to the part that asked for the relationship of the other people ont he acct to the first person. But when I looked at it this is what I saw: Religion: Self. That has set me to thinking all day. How many have made self their religion? The pursuit of self, self desires, self realization, self gratification, self aggrandizement, self exaltation, self, self, self! We call a person who selks their own "selfish."

I looked "ish" up in the American college Dictionary. this is what is says: "Belonging to," "after the manner of," "having the characteristics of," "like," "addicted to," "inclined or tending to."

Hmm, this opens up a lot of questions one should ask! Who do I belong to? Myself or God? Who am I after the manner of? The likeness of Christ? The person of the Holy Spirit? The old man? Hmm, whose character do I emulate? Or am I just a character, that needs a dose of Jesus?!! Like Whom, or what? Myself, my environment, the world? Or the Word and God? Addicted to...sugar! Chocolate! Hugs! Family! Love! Other things? Soap operas? Romance novels? Reality shows? The only reality is Jesus Christ. The best Romance is the one that started in God's heart as He contemplated creating man! Day to day life an be a soap opera without Jesus! Even family and chocolate can't do what Only God can!

We need to be inclined and tending to prayer, Worship, serving and loving God and each other, if we are going to be useful and make it in this world. There is no other way but THE WAY.

Isn't it interesting that Communist China has a Govt approved religion called "The Three Self Church "A parody of the Trinity? Self-governance, self-support (i.e., financial independence from foreigners) and self-propagation is it's mantra. By comparison the Christian is called to be governed by the Holy Spirit, and the Word of God and excercise slef control over our passions and reactions. We are to be dependant on God, but to work and make a living. Self propagation- is putting forth our ideas, our desires, our plans. What is your agenda? What are you planning and THEN asking God to bless?

What is your religion? If Jesus were to write a personal ad- here's what it would look like: My Name is Jesus. I am a God/Man seeking relationship with aGod Created Man/Woman kind!

If you never have before, won't you answer that personal request? You and your life will never be the same! For the rest of us, a closer look at killing off the religion of self is in order. Not my will but THY WILL O LORD! Amen.

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