Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cloud by Day-Fire by Night-I Need a Resting Place

Still a NOW Word! (A Word God gave me last Oct.- releasing it here to you)

"Cloud By Day -- Fire By Night -- I Need a Resting Place!"

As I read the above words (posted on the Elijah List) I began to weep…
In reality it was an advertisement for new CD’s- but The Lord was speaking to me through those words that He quickened to my heart.

Hear the cry of the Lord, Church !
In the Wilderness I moved as a Cloud by Day and Fire by Night and I led my people and
protected them. I gave them rest. But now says the Lord, I Need a Resting Place .
I need containers that will hold my Glory.
Lord what can possibly hold your Glory?
I am looking for a resting place where I can dwell. It is time for my people to
come out of the wilderness. It is time for them to stop running to and fro. I need a place where I can dwell. Will you make room for my Glory?
I want to come and pour it out once more
Will you get ready for what is in store?
I need a place to call my own… I want you to be my temple, my home.
I’m tired of the status quo- it is time for my people to know
I am Your God and my Glory I want to show
I need a resting Place where I can bless
Through which my River can flow
I am tired of religious show
tired of those who will not go
the way of My Spirit when He flows
Will you be a vessel clean,
through which my Glory can be seen?
Open wide now your heart- yes open the door
cry out to me saying I want More!
When you cry out for more you see
You release chambers within the heart of ME
For my heart has longed , yes yearned and burned
to be set free among those who will abandon themselves to Me.
I’ve longed to see the Passion of My Bride
declaring her love and inviting me deeper inside.
As you cry out, I will be One with you
my signs and wonders to flow thru
A place where my Glory can dwell
that City that is set upon a Hill
for it is my Bridal Chamber you see
emblazoned in flames of Love and Glory.

Word of the Lord
Nancy Minor

1 comment:

Karen S./Children of His Glory said...

I love this! I cried when I read it.

And the Bride would say back to her Beloved Lord.—

Oh Lord, how can it be that you want me?

I am so awesomely overwhelmed at Your love for me.

My heart overflows and Lord, I want to grow.

There is so much more of You to know.

The depths of You are endless.

For you I am restless.

Your Blood has set me free.

It is so amazing to me.

I am overwhelmed, you see.

Please, please, continue to do a deep work in me.

I want more revelation of Your love and glory.

There are so many hurting people that must feel Your touch and be free.

Use me!!