Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wedding Plans

My son Ola's wedding to Adele fast approaches! We are all abustle with plans and things to get done before the Big Day. Things to do, people to see, arrangements to be made... you get the idea!

In the midst of this, I have just received an invitation to minister while I am in town! I love God's economy. He never wastes anything! I am delighted and blessed to minister in Ola's old church home ( he moved over 89 miles from there...) But the connection came through my son Olu who has also ministered at this man's church! Amazing!

It just goes to show and remind us that Daddy is very busy about Wedding Plans also! There are people to see and things to be settled and marked off... Yes, Daddy is very busy about THE WEDDING. I will definitely be at that one too, will you?

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